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NFL Broadcasting Boot Camp: Seahawks' Michael Robinson Coached by the Best in the Business

SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein visited the 6th annual NFL Broadcasting Boot Camp to catch up with current and former NFL players (including the Seahawks' Michael Robinson, who has produced his own feature called the Real Robinson Report with a webpage and YouTube channel for the past couple of seasons) who are looking to jumpstart a second career after retiring from the NFL. Dan finds out what it's like for players once at the top of their game to now enter a new profession from the ground floor. And gets some tips himself. Also interviewed are Ron Jaworski and Greg Cosell.

I didn't realize just how serious this bootcamp was - and I do think it's awesome that Michael Robinson is one of the applicants that was invited to attend. His Real Rob Report features are a great chance for fans of the Seahawks to see players in the locker room and better know individual personalities. With HBO's Hard Knocks pretty much out of the picture at this point (Pete Carroll and John Schneider apparently turned it down this year), it's probably the next best thing at seeing what goes on behind the scenes and getting to know the players you cheer for. Just from listening to interviews with Robinson the past few weeks, it's clear he's dead serious about going into broadcasting as a career once he's done playing football, and my guess is that he'll only expand the Real Rob Report this season, which should be a windfall for us fans.