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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Saturday

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Thank jeebus it's the weekend.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: | Word of Muth: Scouting the Cardinals
Reading through the comments from last week, I picked up on the fact that the people demand NFC West breakdowns. The 49ers were particularly in demand, but the Seahawks got some love too. So, the next few teams we cover will all be from the NFC West (but we're not doing Seattle again, as I wrote about them last year). The plan is to go Arizona this week, St. Louis next week, and then San Francisco to round out the division.

Cosell Talks: Pondering Ponder and Dalton : NFL Films Blog
During the season, in my role as executive producer of the "NFL Matchup" show, I do not have the luxury of studying one quarterback for three or four consecutive days. But this time of year is different. I am currently working on a project at NFL Films that has allowed me to evaluate each NFL starter with a sharper, more refined lens. At times, you get a different feel after watching the same player in seven or eight straight games

What is a 'Slice' call? | National Football Post
Breaking down a Cover 7 technique to 'double' the slot WR.

New role, new responsibilities
Sam Ramsden, the Seahawks’ longtime trainer, is stepping into a new role and new responsibilities as the club’s first director of player health and performance.

Three Years of Deep Passing |
PFF's Nathan Jahnke breaks down the NFL's best deep ball passers over the past three years.

Seahawks QBs must make the most of their downtime - Blog -
The Seahawks will have had six weeks off when they begin training camp late next month. In Friday's Wrap Up video, Brock Huard and Mike Salk offer some advice for quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson, who will head into training camp still competing to be Seattle's starter.

Mailbag: Seahawks thanking Cardinals? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Brandon from Winston-Salem, N.C., thinks the Arizona Cardinals affected the Seattle Seahawks' quarterback situation more than some might realize. "Being a Niners fan, I think the Seahawks should thank the Cardinals 7-9 times for beating the 49ers last year," Brandon writes, taking a now-obligatory jab at Seattle's recent won-lost records. "If they had not, then the Niners would have been within one game of Green Bay at the end of the season, which means Aaron Rodgers would have played in Week 17, which means Matt Flynn never would have enjoyed the breakout game that made him the top free-agent quarterback, leaving Seattle with even more quarterback issues than the team has right now."

Cosell Talks Jones-Drew - Cosell Series -
Quietly almost, Maurice Jones-Drew put together the best season by a running back in the NFL last year. And not just because he led the league in rushing. Jones-Drew was productive despite the fact that he played in the NFL's last-ranked offense. The Jaguars ranked 32nd in passing. MJD had no supporting cast. NFL Films producer Greg Cosell is a big, big fan of Maurice Jones-Drew's.

Cosell Talks Michael Turner - Cosell Series -
Falcons running back Michael Turner hit the wrong side of 30 in February, and he's ranked in the top two in the NFL in rushing attempts in three of the past four seasons. There is some feeling that he's a player in decline, and yards-per-carry statistics would seem to bear that out. I asked Cosell to specifically analyze Turner as a running back in 2011. Not over the course of his career.

San Francisco 49ers: Is Jim Harbaugh's crew overrated? -
ATL's Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler debate whether one great season ranks the 49ers and coach Jim Harbaugh among the league's elite.

49ers' defense wants sustained elite status - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The absurdity of the San Francisco 49ers going 14 games without allowing a rushing touchdown met its match in how the streak ended. A blocked punt delivered possession to Seattle at the 49ers' 4-yard line in the final seven minutes of a Week 16 game at CenturyLink Field. Marshawn Lynch ran it in.

Visanthe Shiancoe reportedly turned down Seahawks -
The Seahawks could have headed into the 2012 season with Visanthe Shiancoe at tight end. According to a report, the veteran free agent turned down a one-year deal from Seattle. - Angry Clemons expected to attend Seahawks' training camp
Is Chris Clemons angry enough over his contract situation to consider continue sitting out the rest of the summer in Seattle? "They totally expect him to show up for training camp," said one team insider of Clemons, who opted to skip the team’s mandatory minicamp and bite the bullet to the tune of $73,000 in fines and a forfeited $100,000 workout bonus. "But they also thought he was going to show up for the mandatory minicamp, and that didn’t happen, so …

5 Pac-12 players to watch in 2012 | National Football Post
These players will be on the spot this fall.

College playoff would have been welcomed by NFL rookies -
If the college football playoff had been in place last season, Browns rookies Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden could have squared off. Who would've won? Jeff Darlington relays the trash talk.

Atlanta Falcons aide hints at new offensive strategy -
With the hiring of Dirk Koetter to replace offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey, the Falcons might be looking to air the ball out a bit more, according to an offensive assistant.

2013 NFL Draft: Best Case Scenarios for Top Quarterbacks | NFL Draft Hub
There isn’t a position in the NFL more scrutinized than the quarterback position. Due to the transition from the college game to the NFL, it is uncommon for quarterbacks to truly succeed early in their careers.

Quinn Pitcock's video game addiction masked deeper issues - ESPN
If Quinn Pitcock was a recovering drug addict, NFL teams would probably be less wary of him. If Pitcock was an alcoholic, he wouldn't get strange stares or snickers after sharing his story. Athletes battling drug and alcohol problems are a common occurrence. Much less common is a player trying to resume an NFL career while recovering from an addiction to video games. "I'm somewhat of a pioneer," Pitcock said.

NFL - How long is too long for an O-line? - ESPN
In a recent mailbag column, a reader expressed concern about the age of the Detroit Lions' offensive line. That gave me the opportunity to bring back "The Theory of 150," a concept I stumbled upon in 2007. That year, the Chicago Bears were trying to squeeze an extra year out of an aging offensive line. Coming off a trip to the Super Bowl, the gamble seemed reasonable.

DeMaurice Smith discusses the importance of being a good sport - Peter King -
Peter King is on vacation, so he's recruited some help filling in on Monday Morning Quarterback. This week, NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith takes the reins.

How much better will the Denver Broncos passing game be with Peyton Manning?
Going from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning will result in significantly more completions for the 2012 Denver Broncos.

The Perfect Team Fit for the Top 2013 NFL Draft Prospects | Bleacher Report
It's never too early to start thinking ahead. The NFL season always has plenty of surprises in store for us, but generally the biggest holes on a team before the season end up being the biggest holes on a team after the season...

2013 NFL Draft: Rutgers Preview - CBSSports
Fear not Rutgers fans, the loss of Greg Schiano doesn't mean that the talent level is any less in New Brunswick. With the reigning co-Defensive Player of the Year highlighting the list, Rutgers boasts the NFL prospects to once again compete for Big East supremacy.

Ten Commandments for the Modern Athlete: Ignore these rules at your peril - NFL -
Famous athlete. Stripper ex-girlfriend. Explicit cell phone pics. It all adds up to trouble. And yet, ex-pros and current ones keep falling prey to the same traps. Mike Freeman is here to help with Ten Commandments for the Modern Athlete.

Top NFL comeback candidates for 2012 -
Who will rebound in 2012 after down seasons in 2011?'s Ryan Wilson has 10 players who will return to form this fall after less-than-memorable efforts a year ago.

Chiefs will host Cardinals for joint practices | National Football Post
Arizona reduces preseason travel with venture