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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Wednesday

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Happy November.

Cosell Talks: The Perception and Reality of Jay Cutler : NFL Films Blog
There is no quarterback in the NFL whose public perception is as far removed from reality as Jay Cutler. Based on my extensive experience, I can say with certainty Cutler is not acknowledged as a top-10 NFL quarterback entering the 2012 season. That assessment is wrong.

If George R.R. Martin Wrote the Script to the 2012 NFL Season... | Bleacher Report - Headless Peyton Manning, zombie Shawne Merriman and pubescent Norv Turner. If George R.R. Martin, author of the eventually-to-be seven-book series A Song of Ice and Fire, which serves as the inspiration for the HBO series Game of Thrones, penned the script to the 2012 NFL season, I would imagine those would all be lasting images, burned brightly into our beer goggles-whether we liked it or not.

Seattle Seahawks 2012 NFL WR Outlook - Roster predictions, Seahawks starters, blog
NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Jared Galde weighs in with his 2012 NFL predictions for the Seahawks roster in 2012. This time its the wide receivers. He believes Kris Durham is going to get the first shot when the preseason finishes to start opposite Sidney Rice with Doug Baldwin in the slot. Golden Tate and Ricardo Lockette will certainly see plenty of action situationally. Mike Williams could be on the street.

How Wilcox's defense will be different than Holt's - Blog -
Nick Holt cut his teeth as a defensive line and linebackers coach during stops at UNLV, Idaho, Louisville and USC. Those experiences helped shape the defense he brought to Washington when he became the Huskies' coordinator before the 2009 season. Blog | That’s Lockette, as in rocket "
Seeing Ricardo Lockette flash across the practice field once training camp finally started last summer, it didn’t take long for his new teammates to give the rookie wide receiver the obvious nickname. "They’re calling him ‘Lockette the Rocket,’ " Kris Durham, another rookie wide-out, said at the time. "He’s amazing. That guy’s got a lot of speed."

Two tight end formations will hit NFL by storm in 2012 -
Given the success of the New England Patriots offense behind the tight-end tandem of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, more teams are implementing two-tight end packages into their game plans. For instance, teams like the Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, San Diego Chargers and Chicago Bears acquired tight ends in the draft with the intention of utilizing more multiple-tight end formations in 2012. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks added talented veteran tight ends to their rosters to provide their offensive coordinators with the flexibility to use more double-tight end sets.

What gives 49ers jump over West upstarts - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Mike Nolan era in San Francisco produced more heartache than the 49ers would care to revisit, but the long-term legacy isn't so bad.

Is Michigan's Robinson a potential NFL quarterback? | National Football Post
The Wolverines signal-caller enters his senior season with much to prove.

Which former head coach will make biggest impact as assistant? -
Several ex-head coaches will be roaming the sidelines as assistants this fall. Which former head man will make the biggest impact? Steve Spagnuolo will play an integral role on a depleted Saints staff. NFL Culture Mirrors Today's Society
There are a lot of cultural issues in today’s society that affect everyone – including the NFL and its players. From 2001 through 2010, the FBI dealt with never-before-seen levels of gang violence. The figures were outrageous, and much higher than I had expected. According to the FBI’s official site, gang-related complaints numbered 12,169; indictment and information 29,273; arrests 57,106; and convictions 23,094.

For Giacomini, patience has paid off
After getting a late start as a tackle, and a slow start to his NFL career, Breno Giacomini seems to have found a spot for himself on the right side of the Seahawks' offensive line.

Breaking down the Eagles 'boot' action | National Football Post
Using video to take a look at the deep post to DeSean Jackson.

No fine for Pete Caroll | ProFootballTalk
It was ironic, to say the least, that on the same day Seahawks coach Pete Carroll launched a Win Forever media blitz (I received at least two emails from his P.R. people about it), he once again has been connected to the specter of cheating.

Using replacement officials would be a roll of the dice for NFL – Audibles
When the NFL season opens exactly three months from today, it is entirely possible that replacement officials will be in place, after contract talks between the league and its officials broke down this week. In response, the NFL announced that it would begin hiring and training fill-in officials, so the 2012 schedule would not be impacted.

NFL - Running the ball will be fashionable again - ESPN
If 2011 was the year the NFL went more pass-happy than ever, this fall looks like the season things literally will come back to earth. Tennessee's Chris Johnson wants to regain his spot as the league's top runner. San Diego coach Norv Turner is preparing more touches for Ryan Mathews, while Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Todd Haley is bringing more balance to the Steelers' wide-open attack.

Trade Mike Jenkins? | National Football Post
Secondary depth? Sub packages? Matchups? I wouldn't move the Cowboys CB.

How do you 'bait' the QB in the sprint game? | National Football Post
Using video of Tramon Williams' INT to talk technique.

Is Robert Woods the best receiver the draft has to offer? | National Football Post
How high could the USC product go?

Atari Bigby in line to land starting job with Chargers -
Injuries and contract issues derailed Atari Bigby's once-promising career with the Packers, but Chargers decision-makers are big fans, and he might be handed a starting job.

Jim Harbaugh faces pressure in second season -
Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers took the NFL by surprise last season. Now that teams have had a year to prep for his schemes, the pressure is on Harbaugh to replicate the same magic in 2012.

Kevin Kolb must carry the load for Cardinals -
We've tried to shy away from covering quarterbacks in our "Under Pressure" series, but the seat under Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb is just too hot to ignore.