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The 1977 Seahawks Season Retrospective

I'd love to tell you all about the 1977 season but my parents hadn't even yet been introduced to each other at that point. Even if I had been born a few years earlier, spending my first couple of years in Omaha, Nebraska meant I probably would have been taught to love the Kansas City Chiefs like the rest of my cousins and completely ignore some expansion team from south Alaska. Regardless, because I was born in 1982 and didn't get much of an oral history on the Seahawks' early years from any of my relatives, I had to consult Wikipedia for the breakdown, so as to set the stage for the above video from NFL Films, and here was the in-depth chronicle of the glorious 1977 season:

The 1977 Seattle Seahawks season was the team's second season with the National Football League. The 1977 season was the team's first in the AFC West.

That's literally the entire narrative, from the place that probably features a 25,000 word dissertation on the meaning of "eskimo brothers."

Well, if that didn't help, here's some more information I stole from a Clare Farnsworth article on from a year ago.

Record: 5-9 (fourth in AFC West)
Owner: Nordstrom family (majority owners)
Coach: Jack Patera
Captains: OT Norm Evans (off.), S Eddie McMillan (def.), S Steve Preece (ST)
MVP: WR Steve Largent
Man of the Year: not awarded from 1977-79
Leading passer: Jim Zorn (104 of 251 for 1,683 yards, with 16 TDs and 19 interceptions)
Leading rusher: Sherman Smith (763 yards)
Leading receiver: Largent (33 receptions for 643 yards and 10 TDs)
Leading tackler: MLB Terry Beeson (136)
Special teams tackles: LB Peter Cronan and LB Charles McShane (11)
Interception leaders: SS Autry Beamon (6)
Sack leader: DE Alden Roche (3 1/2)
Leading scorer: Largent and K John Leypoldt (60)