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2012 Supplemental Draft: Seahawks Attended Josh Gordon's Workout

Do not get into a bidding war with this guy.
Do not get into a bidding war with this guy.

According to Adam Caplan, the Seahawks had representatives in attendance for former Baylor WR Josh Gordon's pro day on Tuesday. Gordon, prior to being dismissed from Baylor's football team for a marijuana arrest just before the 2011 season, was at one point considered a potential 1st-round prospect, but after sitting out last season due to NCAA rules after transferring to Utah, fell off most of our radars. However, he applied and was granted eligibility for the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft and is one of two players, along with TCU RB Ed Wesley, that have a chance to get drafted.

Gordon measured in at 6'3, 224 pounds, ran the forty in 4.52, had a 36" vertical, a 10'1" broadjump, and did 13 reps on bench. Early reports indicate that he hurt his quad while running the forty but did all the receiver drills nonetheless, and according to Caplan, didn't drop a pass. His hands measured 10" and he has 33 1/3" arms and an 82" wingspan. For a team -- the Seahawks -- that love those measureables, Gordon has it all at elite quantities - size, speed, & length - particularly in hand size and arm length, that 'catching radius' that John Schneider loves and talks about frequently.

Gordon's 4.52 forty was comparable to receivers of his size at the combine and better than most - Tommy Streeter ran a 4.4 at 6'5, 219; Michael Floyd at 6'2 220 ran a 4.47; Juron Criner at 6'2 224 ran a 4.68; Greg Childs at 6'3, 219 ran a 4.55; Marvin McNutt at 6'2, 216 ran a 4.54; Brian Quick at 6'3, 220 a 4.55; and Rueben Randle, 6'2, 220 ran a 4.55.

Tony Pauline reports that Gordon passed a surprise urine test at the pro day (i.e. - no drugs were in his system) and scored highly on the Wonderlic - in the range that teams are looking for in their quarterbacks. Rob Rang noted that "Gordon was "a little stiff" in his route-running, according to the league source, but caught the ball cleanly throughout the workout, demonstrating the ability to snatch the ball out of the air as well as track it over his shoulder."

There have been reports as to Gordon's value that have ranged from the 2nd round to the 3rd/4th round range. I tend to think it'll be closer to the latter range because of the major character question marks surrounding him, his dismissal from Baylor, subsequent decision to enter the draft rather than play in Utah, and overall lack of tape to evaluate. Eric Galko had an interesting piece on Gordon's character concerns here, and for the most part it looks like the Baylor coaching staff wanted him to stay but the school decided otherwise.Our own Daniel Hill, Gordon's former teammate at Baylor, noted recently that he's a very high risk, high reward type of prospect. Through the roof athletic potential and upside, big play ability, but Hill has major concerns about his state of mind and work ethic, especially considering it's looking like a team will have to give up a high mid-round pick in 2013 to obtain his services, possibly even a 2nd rounder.

Hill will follow up with a scouting report on Gordon in the next couple days prior to the Supplemental Draft, but the thing I'd note is that the Seahawks actually do sitll have a need for that deep, outside vertical threat receiver and could be a logical fit for Gordon. Mike Williams is more of a possession receiver, Deon Butler's size is a big question mark, Ben Obomanu is unlikely to emerge as that type of player. Golden Tate is an option, as are Kris Durham and Ricardo Lockette, but at the moment there is no clear-cut guy to throw opposite Sidney Rice to tilt coverages or threaten over the top. If we know one thing about this team, it's that they look under every rock, and it's not surprising they were at Gordon's pro day. It seems unlikely they'll bid anything major on the risky prospect, but we'll know for sure on Thursday.