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A Couple of New Field Gulls Videos

So last week I wrote a couple of articles. One of which discussed what FieldGulls voters had to say about their expectations on the season (somewhere between 9-10 wins) and another on the Seahawks unknowns going into this season. To keep the ball rolling on the FieldGulls YouTube channel during the offseason, I just put a couple of companion videos to go along with those articles.

I don't break a whole lot of new ground in these videos and I basically just expand on what I already said, but they're less than two minutes long. I really should be talking these up more but I hate to give some wild expectations because these are just a couple of companion videos and nothing like a couple of the videos I have put out before. Mostly when I talk to other people from SBNation, they say something like "Oh, you did the Matt Flynn video?" or "Pete Carroll Song? Are you serious?" but they won't be bringing these two videos up.

But I can't expect for them to keep me on the team with 13 views a video and so I've made an article to reference you back to those videos and you may watch if you like. It takes less time than Deuce Lutui running the 40. But I really appreciate you, the reader and viewer, so thanks for your support.

Nine and a half weeks until the season, you guys. SIXTY-ONE DAYS!

Click play after the jump.