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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Tuesday

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It's Tuesday already!

Boom or bust: Breaking down the Seahawks' receivers - Blog -
The Seahawks begin training camp in 12 days, and as the Mariners' offense just endured its 11th shutout of the season, practices on the lake can't come fast enough. We'll preview the nine position groups over the remaining days until camps opens, starting today with what I believe is the most intriguing one: the wide receivers.

Bears' Matt Forte to get deal strikingly similar to Marshawn Lynch | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
Sometimes it takes a deadline to make a deal. That was true when the Seahawks and Marshawn Lynch agreed on a deal the day before the deadline to apply franchise tags to players.

NFL Videos: Will Flynn lock up Seahawks' QB job?
03:57 – Kurt Warner, Warren Sapp and guest analyst Greg Jennings break down the Seattle Seahawks' QB competition and how it might impact the team if it isn't resolved soon.

Opponent Preview: Seattle Seahawks
It can never be too early to discuss who will face the San Francisco 49ers in the team’s second year under Jim Harbaugh. Throughout the offseason, we’ll take a team-by-team look at the 49ers’ 2012 opponents and the storylines for each team. Up next are the Seattle Seahawks, who are scheduled to face the 49ers twice this coming season after being swept by San Francisco last season.

Seahawks 2012: Quarterbacks
The Seahawks’ three-QB competition for the starting job between Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson will resume in training camp and continue into the preseason.

Offseason rewind: Can T-Jack be a closer? | Seahawks Insider
It’s only appropriate that our first post of this year’s Offseason Rewind series begins at the quarterback position. And sorry to create some emotional anxiety with that nice weather outside, but we’ll focus on a couple plays that caused some agony during the regular season

Ray Rice, Matt Forte headline Franchise Tag Day recap -
Franchise Tag Day is officially over with Matt Forte, Ray Rice and Josh Scobee all rewarded with new contracts but what's next for Dwayne Bowe and the other franchise tagged players who didn't get new deals?

Ray Rice, Matt Forte deals triumph over pre-draft hype -
Matt Forte and Ray Rice's new deals with the Bears and Ravens demonstrate players' ability to work themselves into starting roles and long-term contracts, despite any lack of pre-draft hubbub.

It's OK to fall for Matt Ryan, DeMarco Murray in fantasy -
You can't control who you fall in love with, especially in fantasy football. Michael Fabiano lists ten players to fall for in 2012, a list that includes a few surprising names.

LVH releases 100 CFB lines and 35 season win totals | National Football Post
Lines hit the board at 2:00pm pacific on Sunday.

Cliff Avril, Lions break off contract talks; Avril not sure he'll report to camp on time -
The Lions and defensive end Cliff Avril did not come to a long-term contract agreement before the deadline for those who were franchise tagged. Now, he's not sure if he'll report to training camp on time.

Random Perspective On: The 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars
NFL 2012 Coach of the Year predictions

Good From Far, But Far From... - Summer School -
As a complement to my Love At First Sight piece, below I offer a handful of seniors that flash an intriguing characteristic, but once they are evaluated more carefully their overall game is more muddled than expected. We will call them the "Good from far, but far from good" prospects. - Official Site of the National Football League
How the iPad is revolutionizing playbooks for NFL players and coaches, instantly bringing the intricacies of the sport right to their fingertips

Why do DBs get beat? | National Football Post
Three reasons DBs give up explosive plays in the NFL.

Highlighting Every Starting NFL Quarterback's Signature Win | Bleacher Report | Bleacher Report
Quarterbacks do not win games alone. After all, football is a team sport, and quarterbacks do not play defense. More often than not, however, quarterbacks are defined by their victories...

What NFL Analysts Should Look at When Evaluating Running Backs | Bleacher Report | Bleacher Report
Evaluating running backs has become a tricky business in recent years. It wasn't long ago that everybody was looking for the new Walter Payton—a complete running back that could carry the load while also being trusted to catch passes, block like a fullback and protect the quarterback—but that isn't the case anymore.

The 14 Worst Possible Super Bowl Halftime Shows -
Jon Bois and Spencer Hall went on a mission to come up with the worst Super Bowl halftime shows possible. Unfortunately, they were successful. Here are the 14 worst they could think of.

Is Adam Jones expendable for Cincinnati Bengals? -
The Cincinnati Bengals would seem to have a surplus of veteran cornerbacks, and Adam Jones' time with the team might be nearing its end, Brian McIntyre writes.

5 teams that are one year away | National Football Post
These programs may not take a big step this fall, but development will pay off in 2013.

Matt Forte deal bucks notion workhorse RBs outdated -
Workhorse backs could be coming back in style, Gregg Rosenthal writes, despite whispers about the outdated notion of primary running backs getting lost to RB platoons.

Matt Barkley, Tyler Bray impress at Manning Passing Academy -
USC QB Matt Barkley is right around 6-foot-2 and has a very thick build. I've seen Barkley play live several times during his college career and I noticed one big difference last week: His arm has gotten much stronger. He was able to drive the ball with more authority than he has in the past three years. He has always had great footwork and touch as a passer, but there were concerns about his ability to squeeze the ball into tight windows down the field. I was pleasantly surprised to watch him crank up the velocity on the deep comebacks during the workout on Saturday.

Matt Barkley, Logan Thomas headline top college quarterbacks -
The college ranks offer plenty of promising QBs, including USC's Matt Barkley and Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas. Chad Reuter ranks the top draft-eligible signal callers in college football this season.

Manning Passing Academy: Matt Barkley, Tyler Bray among impressive 2013 prospects at the camp - Mocking The Draft
The Manning Passing Academy has hosted college football's elite quarterbacks over the past few seasons, and this summer's version of the camp didn't stray from that theme. Daniel Jeremiah of was in attendance and had interesting notes.

Increased Arm Strength Could Be Key to Barkley Being 2013 NFL Draft Top Pick | Bleacher Report
Two months ago, I asked a question about whether or not USC quarterback Matt Barkley is massively overrated as a prospect. One negative, or, more correctly, lack of a positive that I observed on film was Barkley making mostly touch throws, with few "stick" throws that rely on arm strength—a must in the NFL. With the NFL's fixation on arm strength as an essential feature of a franchise quarterback, it was easy, then, to conclude that Barkley's perceived draft stock would deflate if that aspect of his game didn't improve this season.

Observations from Manning Passing Academy Give Clues to 2013 NFL Draft QB Stock | Bleacher Report
Daniel Jeremiah is a former NFL scout and starting quarterback for Appalachian State. He's also a current writer for, which took him to the Manning Passing Academy last week to watch some of college football's best quarterbacks. His observations are important to process not only because of his experience both on the field and as a talent evaluator, but because they are our biggest clues so far as to how this crop of quarterbacks will differ from their previous incarnations in 2012 and how the more objective views of them leading into the draft with differ from the consensus beliefs about their draft stock.

Mobile Quarterbacks Redefining the Position | Bleacher Report
Every few years, we seem to come back to this debate about mobile quarterbacks redefining the position in the NFL. Players come along with unique physical attributes that get everybody excited about a new way of playing, but then they never quite hoist that Lombardi Trophy and the proponents of the pocket passer rejoice, being proven right once again.

Pressure: Telling the Whole Story |
There are lies, damn lies and statistics. I don’t think Mark Twain was talking about the NFL when we uttered those famous words, but he may as well have been. NFL-land is populated by all sorts of numbers. Some of them interesting, some of them obvious, and some of them largely irrelevant. All of them, however, often used to promote one agenda or another. The one that really gets me? It’s the abuse of the sack stat.

NFL - Mailbag: Cleveland Browns make right call to go young on offense - ESPN
When the Browns selected Josh Gordon in the second round of Tuesday's supplemental draft, they made a total commitment to go young at wide receiver.

2012 NFL Frauds: 7 Teams, Coaches and Players We Don't Believe In | Bleacher Report
It's getting close to the start of the 2012 NFL season once again, and that means that we're getting firmly into the season of disinformation. As the football world has little to talk about and no meaningful hitting is yet taking place, we're left to scramble to feed off the scraps coming from the teams themselves about players they are watching practice.

Stock Up, Stock Down for Every NFL Team This Offseason | Bleacher Report
The NFL seems like it never slows; there is no one sport or event that pushes