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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Wednesday

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Hump day! Yahoo!

Cosell Talks: The Evolution of the Zone Blitz : NFL Films Blog
Don Coryell and Bill Walsh were two pioneering and aggressive innovators who greatly expanded how people approached the NFL offense. As I wrote in a recent piece about the evolution of the offense, both men challenged standard beliefs and conventional wisdom, helping to gradually transform the run-dominated league that Vince Lombardi ruled in the 1960s into the pass-heavy NFL we know today. More than 30 years after Coryell and Walsh first advanced their strategic views, their influence remains as strong and pervasive as ever.

Early thoughts on 2013 (not positive) " Seahawks Draft Blog
This could be the weakest class since this blog began in 2008. It’s the first time I haven’t had a list of at least five or ten guys you can pencil into the first round, and there are more question marks going into the new college season than I’ve ever experienced before.

St. Louis Rams - NFL -
A top-to-bottom preview of the 2012 St. Louis Rams season from the NFL team.

Ian Furness - Seattle's live and local sports station
Who cares if Marshawn Lynch hasn't been charged yet. I don't mean to be flippant about that necessary process, but, again, Lynch has put himself in a position to be punished by the NFL because he can't control himself.

Justin Durant could be Detroit Lions cap casualty -
Justin Durant doesn't command the largest salary on the Detroit Lions' defense, but Brian McIntyre writes that he still could be a cap casualty come training camp.

Sports Forum - Todd's Take
This past February, amidst the media frenzy that is Super Bowl week, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell revealed a schedule change that made gamblers and fans alike rejoice. The upcoming 2012 football season will feature an increase in Thursday night football games which of course creates another stand alone football betting opportunity. In addition to the previously abbreviated Thursday options, NFL network will be airing Thursday night football games beginning in week 2. With the new schedule make-up, every team will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents (or lack thereof) under the lights in front of a national audience. More prime-time football will obviously makes gamblers happy because they’ll find an edge to exploit the shortened week.

Matt Forte, Ray Rice latest top running backs to net big-money contracts - Don Banks -
Ray Rice and Matt Forte were the obvious winners on a fairly dramatic deadline-day Monday in the NFL, but coming out on the losing end was the theory that running backs don't get monster paydays in today's pass-first, run-only-when-you-have-to version of professional football. - NFL Whispers
• With the Packers seeming to have an abundance of talent at wide receiver, don’t rule out the possibility that James Jones could be traded if a serious enough need develops at another position. Most close observers currently have Jones, who managed an impressive seven touchdowns despite limited snaps last season, tabbed as the No. 3 receiver behind Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson. But veteran Donald Driver and youngsters Randall Cobb, Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel could all give Jones a serious run for his money.

Eli vs. Romo
Often times the simplest solution is the best one. I usually tend to believe that variation of Occam's Razor, the 14th century principle that is used (and misused) so often. But not always. Certainly not in the case of evaluating quarterbacks in the National Football League.

2012 NFL Offensive Depth Charts |
Sortable by column Typing a CITY into the Search bar will bring up only that team’s Fantasy Depth Chart

Mike Williams' shows Seahawks shouldn't depend too much on reclamation projects | Jerry Brewer |
The Seahawks' Earn Everything motto has transformed its roster but the flameout of Mike Williams shows there are risks.

Advanced NFL Stats: Brees, Rice, and Forte...and Moneyball
Drew Brees signed a record-setting contract extension for $20M per year over five years. That's about what the numbers suggested for a QB averaging 150 EPA per season. The analysis said $18M should be the going rate for Brees at his peak, which is what $20M per year translates to after discounting over five years. That assumes Brees won't decline over that time, which is a risky assumption for a 33 year old QB. In reality, the final year or two of the contract may not be honored, so overall I have to endorse the deal. The Saints absolutely needed Brees on board as the weather a tough 2012 season in the shadow of the bounty scandal.

Seahawks 2012: Defensive line
Bruce Irvin and Jason Jones were added in the draft and free agency with an eye to upgrading a pass rush that was the only real blemish for the Seahawks’ first line of defense during the 2011 season.

AFC: Five high picks who should fear the 'Turk' in training camp - NFL - Sporting News
One of my least favorite duties as a former staffer for the Rams was the role of the team's "Turk"—the unfortunate guy required to inform soon-to-be-cut players it was time for them to go see the head coach. While it was crushing to see grown men brought to tears, the truth was that by the time I arrived, most everyone knew these once promising prospects had become busts. Including the players themselves. Below is a look at five AFC players at a career crossroads entering training camp. On Wednesday, we'll look at the NFC.

Checking in with Vegas on Super Bowl contenders and the NCAA - Grantland
Something very curious is happening in Las Vegas.

Predicting Missed Games - Football Daily Dose -
Some will say accounting for injuries when compiling projections and/or rankings is important. Others will argue that it’s impossible and should be ignored. The general consensus seems to just pick out a few guys who seem to be fragile and demote them down the draftboard.

Advanced Trends in Packaged Reads and Concepts | Smart Football
This spring I had the opportunity to visit the practices of several college programs in the Midwest. My primary focus was on the offensive side of the ball, and a recurring theme with all teams (and has been noted before) was the proliferation of read run plays and how they are packaged with other concepts, whether run or pass. Many of the following plays are in a similar vein as attaching a run play to ‘Stick’.

Random Perspective On: The 2012 New Orleans Saints
The best passers are throwing the most passes in the NFL

Nothing wrong with rewarding Forte and Rice | National Football Post
NFL may be a 'passing league,' but production still sells.

Holmes not a fan of two QB system | National Football Post
Jets receiver sounds unsure of Sanchez-Tebow platoon having success.

Playbook: Victor Cruz vs. Eagles 'Cover 0' blitz | National Football Post
Using video to breakdown the WR on the 'wheel' concept.

Running back contracts suggest position isn't devalued ... yet -
Arian Foster is one of several elite running backs to hit a huge payday in the past two offseasons. The money means the RBs must deliver, or risk altering the future of the position, Steve Wyche writes.

Matt Barkley: I would have been picked ahead of RG3 -
Matt Barkley decided not to enter the 2012 NFL Draft, but he thinks if he had, he would have been worth a higher pick than RG3 -- widely considered one of the best QB prospects in years.

Jordy Nelson, James Jones are Packers bargains -
A quick glance at the Packers roster reveals a good number of bargain-priced players, particularity at a wide receiver unit that includes Jordy Nelson and James Jones.

A pause for perspective on potential Marshawn Lynch discipline | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
A Seahawk with two previous criminal incidents and an NFL suspension was arrested, casting his future in serious doubt. Only we're not talking about Marshawn Lynch here.

Marshawn Lynch arrested on suspicion of DUI - Blog -
"I do think that the fact that he has been good for a number of years may minimize the extra penalties on this," Clayton said, "but I still think what's out there is 4-6 [weeks for a suspension]."

Arizona Cardinals training camp preview: Quarterbacks
As a preview for training camp, which opens July 24, Kent Somers takes a look at each position. First up: Quarterbacks

Dwayne Bowe entering last season with Chiefs? -
Dwayne Bowe didn't get a long-term deal from the Chiefs, and that's not a great sign for his future in K.C., Gregg Rosenthal writes.

WHOLE NEW BALL GAME | 2012 Tour | Official Site | Chelsea FC | Chelsea
He may have slotted a high-pressure shoot-out penalty in his most recent match and lifted the European Cup at the end of it, but could he also catch an egg-shaped American-style football?