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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Monday

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Holy crap, brand new week gang!

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Top 5: Most Intense Rivalries in Seahawks History
Quick: Which NFL team do you hate the most? Most of you probably just blurted out "The Niners!" (Yeah, I still fucking detest the Steelers too, but we don't have to play those fuckers twice a year.) The funny thing is that 6 years ago, you would have said "The Rams!" 20 years ago, you would have said "The Broncos!" NFL feuds wax and wane over time, and as we stand on the verge of Seahawks v Niners exploding into one of the NFL's nastiest running battles, I wanted to look back at the five most intense rivalries in team history.

Seattle Seahawks Camp Preview: 5 Things To Watch For During Practice - 12th Man Rising
The players take a field for the first time in 2012 one week from today. While everyone is watching the QB competition and the other obvious story lines, I’m going to be watching for other, more subtle, developing stories. Here’s what I’ll be watching for when the Seahawk Players finally take the field:

Don't make Seahawks' Lynch into a monster | - Sports
When news came out that Marshawn Lynch was arrested last week -- heck, when any athlete is arrested -- there are two reactions most common among fans, journalists, teammates on Twitter and just about anyone else with an opinion. You either vilify the guy, or defend him. I'm doing neither.

2013 NFL Draft: Is Aaron Murray a Better Prospect than Tyler Bray? | Articles
Most scouts, myself included, agree that Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson is the top SEC quarterback and one of the top NFL Draft prospects headlining the 2013 draft class. So what many are asking now is, "Who is the next best quarterback in the toughest conference?"

Tyler Bray Weight: Tennessee Quarterback puts on 20 pounds - Mocking The Draft
Tyler Bray will be one of the most polarizing prospects eligible for the 2013 NFL Draft if early signs are any indication. The 6-foot-6 quarterback slings the ball with ease. Few can match his physical tools, but one big red flag was Bray's lanky frame. Apparently, he's been hitting the weights.

NFL Draft Prospect Rankings - Seniors
NFL Draft Prospects In-depth NFL Draft news complete with Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshmen rankings.

Grant not done with Giants yet | New York Daily News
Deon Grant hasn't retired, and he hasn't signed with another club. But he thinks he'll land somewhere during training camp. He thinks he'll land back with the Giants.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Word of Muth: Scouting the Chiefs
After breaking down the Chiefs' Week 16 game against the Raiders, I am willing to say that Eric Winston was the best signing of the offseason. Kansas City’s front five played decently, but it was in spite of last year’s right tackle, Barry Richardson. Not only is Winston a significant upgrade on Richardson, he fits what the Chiefs want to do perfectly.

Training Camp Battles: NFC East |
The NFC East features key position battles, PFF's Trey Cunningham discusses.

Training Camp Battles: NFC North |
Today we move another day closer to the start of training camp, as well as the 2012 season. This means it’s time for another article in our training camp battle series. This time around we’re looking at the NFC North.

Training Camp Battles: NFC South |
Our spin around the league continues today, as we look at the battles to keep an eye on during training camp in the AFC South.

Camp Tour 2012 |
This year, in order to bring closer to what’s going on in the NFL during July and August, I’ll be embarking on a three-week tour of training camps. It all begins in Flagstaff next Wednesday (July 25th) when I’ll be at Northern Arizona University to see exactly what the state of play is regarding the Cardinals. After that I’ll be visiting all the West Coast teams (interspersed with a "quick" 5,000-mile detour to pick up the Saints and Broncos) before flying into Miami early in August and working my way up the East Coast. To make the whole thing considerably more interesting for all concerned (except, perhaps, him), I’ll be joining Sports Illustrated’s fantastic front man, Peter King for the vast majority of the time.

2013 NFL Draft: Colorado Preview - CBSSports
The Colorado Buffaloes' first season in the Pac-12 didn't go as smoothly as hoped. Despite the fact that the team finished a woeful 3-10 on the year, the Buffs feature a surprising number of quality NFL prospects. Unfortunately, the best of them, junior wide receiver Paul Richardson, went down with a torn ACL in the spring.

2013 NFL Draft: Oregon Preview - CBSSports
Chip Kelly not only has made the University of Oregon a perennial BCS contender, he has also boosted their appeal to NFL scouts by churning out prospects.

Got your backup: No. 2 quarterbacks can provide teams security or angst - NFL -
Backup quarterbacks can be the difference between lost seasons and inspiring playoff runs. Pat Kirwan looks at 10 scary backup QB situations and wonders if there is a T.J. Yates or Matt Cassel in this bunch.

NFL training camp: Ten questions | National Football Post
Saints, RGIII, Bears offense, Manning, Cowboys and more.

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL… -
After a brief hiatus, we’re back in business for our usual Sunday swing through the NFL. Hey, sorry! Vacation called. Anyway, expect this to continue through the season, as we look at nine random things going on. This week, as you’d expect, it’ll be material taken from our Lake Tahoe Trip.

Scott Norwood tops list of biggest chokes in NFL lore -
Adam Scott's epic British Open collapse led us to ask: What are the biggest chokes in NFL history? Here's Dan Hanzus' top 10, and yes, Scott Norwood's infamous Super Bowl miss made the list.

NFL player arrests this offseason -
Elvis Dumervil's July 14 arrest on a felony aggravated assault charge was one of 31 incidents involving NFL players from after the Super Bowl through this week's start of training camps.

LeGarrette Blount's Buccaneers roster spot uncertain -
Before the 2012 NFL Draft, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back LeGarrette Blount bristled at the suggestion that the Bucs would use their top-five draft pick on Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

THE POLL OF THE WEEK: The Apology..Marshawn Lynch episode 1. " The Matchups Zone
When Marshawn Lynch was arrested for playing drunken Econoline bumper cars, the 12thMan became completely overrun with anger, disappointment, and sky is falling predictions. These predictions, while over the top and scary, just showed me how much faith and pride Lynch’s "BeastMode" persona have brought to Seattle.