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Seahawks News & Rumors

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Ok, so there are a few tidbits to share this morning that have been floating around the interwebs and twitternets the last few days that may be of interest to you. First off, ESPN's Chris Mortensen brought up the idea that he believes (he emphasized the words "I THINK" pretty strongly) the Seahawks are shopping Tarvaris Jackson. He said something along the lines of "The Seahawks would do anything to trade Tarvaris Jackson." He announced this on an ESPN Insider special with Adam Schefter and John Clayton the other night, and it has raised quite a few eyebrows, especially considering there are many around here in the media, including several Seahawks beat writers, that even up to last week had predicted Jackson will begin 2012 as the Seahawks starting quarterback.

Now, it is what it is - it wouldn't be training camp without a few juicy trade rumors and this is how the media works - agents and front offices feed their guys with information that might be beneficial to their clients or players, so there's no telling how accurate this bit of news is. Right now it appears to just be Mortensen's opinion, but the reason I've decided to write about it here is that Rob Rang, on Ian Furness' show on Wednesday, confirmed that he's been hearing the same rumblings. Both Rang and Mort are very well connected and while there's really no way of knowing the disinformation from the truth, it's interesting nonetheless. If the Seahawks feel comfortable with Matt Flynn as their presumptive starter and the wunderkind Russell Wilson as their backup (or hell, their starter), it makes it very difficult for a front office that really wants to roll over salary cap money (to re-sign their own free agents) to keep Jackson and his ~$4M cap hit. It's worth noting that John Clayton was fairly incredulous about Mort's assertion, noting that there's no way any team will trade for Jackson unless the Seahawks renegotiate his contract down to about $1.5M.

Another interesting nugget in all this was that both Mortensen and Adam Schefter noted that the Seahawks really, really want to keep Josh Portis. Schefter said something along the lines of "everytime I talk to someone in Seattle, they bring up Portis."

In other news, according to Jason La Canfora, the Seahawks are working out veteran free agent wide receiver Braylon Edwards. Edwards is an interesting prospect - he teases with upside as the former 3rd overall pick and as a guy that caught 16 touchdowns in 2007, but he's also known for the drops and has bounced around the past couple of seasons, most recently a short stint with San Francisco last year. Still, as it always goes, if he could get his head on straight, at 6'3, 215 pounds, he's got the size, and at one point in his career, had the talent of a nice deep threat type receiver. He caught a respectable 88 passes and 11 touchdowns in New York during the 2009 and 2010 seasons so if he's determined to not fade into obscurity, he could be an option. I'm not sure if the Seahawks would be looking at Edwards as an insurance policy for Sidney Rice at the Z spot or as a potential starter at the X, but it's something to keep an eye on.

Again, these are a bit of news and rumors, take them however you will. Training camp is almost upon us.