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The Field Gulls Fantasy Football Leagues - Redux

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Fantasy Football fans -- it's back.

After a wildly successful first season in 2011 in which we had twelve official Field Gulls fantasy football leagues, kept track of the leaderboard and overall point scorers with weekly posts, and generally just had a good time, the encore season is upon us.

My aim this year is the streamline some things up, tweak the league scoring rules, the team limits per league, and just in general, try and make it work a little better. Here's the plan, ideally. We will establish scoring rules and institute them uniformly across all the leagues, but each league will hold it's own draft and playoffs.

After every week during the regular season, we'll announce the standings in a fanpost, and post the top twelve scores across all leagues (Greetings From Lord Humongous has graciously offered to track scores once again this season so please give him a standing ovation, wherever you are, right now). This leaderboard update should give you an idea of your performance matched up across all leagues (last year we had almost 200 individual teams) and will give you the chance to talk a little smack. We'll get to find out who the Field Gulls Grand Champion in regular season points will be, sort of like Highlander, or something. (THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!)

Anyway, it should be a good time and it's a way that everyone can get involved. Stand by for more on this very soon, we'll get the leagues up and running soon and then have open invites to fill them up. Oh, and click here for the final standings from last year's Field Gulls Fantasy Football Challenge -- Hazbro24 won it all.


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