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Details Of Chris Clemons' Contract Examined

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I think the Seahawks did well in the Chris Clemons deal, and the numbers were detailed today by Brian McIntyre.

Previous to the details of the deal being released, I was thinking the Seahawks would land at $21M over 3 years with a $6M signing bonus and $15M guaranteed. The Seahawks did better than that. Seattle only guaranteed $10M, with a $6.5M signing bonus and a guaranteed base salary in 2012 of $2.5M - the Seahawks are on the "guaranteed" hook for only $1.5M in 2013 if they do not like what they see in 2012. Clemons also has $4M in bonuses tied to sacks in 2012 and 2013, which is a great concession for both parties in my opinion.

The cap hits for the $22M contract break down like this:

Signing Bonus: $6.5M (the 3-year pro-ration of this signing bonus is $2.166M per year or ($6,500,000/3 years)
Base Salary 2012: $2.0M + $2.166M Proration = Salary Cap $4.166M (2012)
Base Salary 2013: $6.0M + $2.166M Proration = Salary Cap $8.166M (2013)

Base Salary 2014: $7.5M + $2.166M Proration = Salary Cap $9.666M (2014)

I don't see the Seahawks paying Clemons the 2014 contract. If cut before June 2014, the "dead money" would be $2.166M and count against the 2014 salary cap. If Clemons hits his sack totals as mentioned in the contract then his year end salary cap figures would likely be $6.166M in 2012 and $10.166M in 2013.

I will be working on what this contract and the Max Unger deal mean for Seattle, from a cap perspective, in 2013 and 2014 in an upcoming post.