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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for the Fourth of July!

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Happy Birthday, America!!

Cosell Talks: Eli’s Arrived : NFL Films Blog
I’ve spent much of this spring and summer writing about quarterbacks. I have intentionally stayed away from rankings and lists. I strongly believe there are far too many variables to distill detailed and intricate evaluation to a generic list that does not inherently acknowledge or recognize those factors. In addition, as is always the case with lists, most focus on the order, rather than the substance of the reasoning.

What is a 'Dino' route? | National Football Post
Drawing up a red zone concept to put stress on the secondary.

2012 pre-camp analysis: Seahawks 'D' - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Our two-day look at NFC West rosters continues with projections for the Seattle Seahawks’ defense and special teams.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Word of Muth: Scouting the Rams
The last time that St. Louis’ starting offensive line was completely healthy and playing together in the same game was in Week 4 against the Washington Redskins. A twitter follower pointed out that this was not their best performance and that I may want to check out a different game. I decided to disregard that advice and watch Sam Bradford get sacked seven times instead.

Jets, Ravens Lead List Of NFL's Best Cornerbacks -
Which team has the NFL's best cornerbacks? In our ranking of every team's set of cornerbacks, we start with the Jets and Ravens. - Benson best of role-playing UFAs available
As a general rule, a team’s Super Bowl hopes are usually tied to the players who are in the fold as the Independence Day celebrations begin. To put it another way: If a team is looking for major roster help in July, it's in trouble.

2012 Program Preview - Virginia Tech - Mocking The Draft
Looking at the 2012 Virginia Tech Hokies for 2013 NFL Draft prospects.

Former Washington, Rams receiver Dane Looker shares thoughts on the Seahawks - Blog -
Dane Looker, who played wide receiver for eight seasons in the NFL, joins Brock Huard for a discussion on the state of the Seahawks' receivers and Seattle's chances in the NFC West.

Game Changer: NFL Scrambles to Sell More Tickets -
Professional football, America's most popular and profitable sport, is preparing to tackle a glaring weakness: Stadiums are increasingly empty.

Rules changes should make West wilder - NFC West Blog - ESPN
"Stadiums will now be free to rile up crowds with video displays, and public-address announcers will no longer be restrained from inciting racket when the opposing offense faces a crucial third down." -- the Wall Street Journal

A Study of Sam Bradford's Downfield Throws - Turf Show Times
Breaking down Sam Bradford's deep throws from the 2011 season.

How Mike Jones Bailed Out Mike Martz For The St. Louis Rams Super Bowl Win - Turf Show Times
Mike Jones bailed out Mike Martz, and the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl. What happened behind the scenes?

Make Or Break: Early 2009 Draftees On The Bubble " Pick 256
Training camp is less than a month away and for the draft class of 2009, it’s now or never. The general wisdom is that draft picks get 3 years to establish themselves (though many picks get far less time, if they’re taken outside of the top 2 rounds or happen to get drafted by a team who doesn’t mind cutting high picks early). After 3 years, if a 1st or 2nd rounder hasn’t panned out, they become a training camp casualty. Sometimes a team can find a trade partner who is willing to take on a former high pick for the cost of a very low or conditional draft pick. Such was the case with 2009 4th overall pick Aaron Curry. The former "safest pick in the draft" was unloaded by Seattle after just 35 games and less than 3 full seasons. Curry isn’t alone in being cast aside as an early 2009 draft pick. Here are some other high picks who have already been dumped:

Camp Preview: Quarterbacks
The San Francisco 49ers are set for training camp to begin at the end of the month. But before the team can defend its NFC West division crown this upcoming season, let’s take a look at the depth of each position group on the roster as they prepare for camp. Quarterbacks are up first.

Packing on the miles can hurt a team, and so can overpaying for a kicker - Grantland
How much does travel affect a team's record? Plus, debunking the franchise kicker myth.

Miles separating NFC West from the rest - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Each NFL team played eight regular-season road games in 2009, same as every season. The Seattle Seahawks traveled 29,912 air miles for their road games. The Pittsburgh Steelers traveled 5,682 air miles for theirs.

Three days in April - Breaking News -
n the last week you may have noticed that this redesign popped up out of nowhere, without announcement. The title is self-explanatory, Rotoworld now features an NFL Draft section and I will be your guide along the way. It is entirely cliche, but I could not be more excited.

Seneca Wallace's Home Movies from Kuwait - YouTube
Cleveland Browns' Seneca Wallace travels to Kuwait for a USO Tour and shoots everything he sees while he's there. We sit down with him for an interview describing all the exclusive footage.

Three Years of Drop Rate: Tight Ends |
Day two of our look back at which players historically have the best and worst hands in the league sees us turn our attention to tight ends. Until recently TE was an often overlooked position, with players not putting up the kind of numbers their wide receiver peers did, and unlikely to receive credit for their blocking. But that’s all changed as teams look at the TE as a spot to create a mismatch with the defense, emphasized by the emergence of a number of exciting prospects over the past few years. Now, Pro Football Focus will go over three years of data to determine which players have dropped the highest and smallest percentage of ‘catchable balls’ (defined as being those that were either caught or dropped).

Colt Brennan's holding onto NFL dream despite rollercoaster ride - NFL -
A smile came across Colt Brennan's face as he walked off the practice field at the University of Regina. It was June 11, and in a couple days he'd be playing in his first game in almost two years, a period he considers the roughest of his life.

Former TCU RB Wesley Leads 'Best of the Rest' of 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft | Bleacher Report
This year's supplemental draft class is led by a 6'4" 225 lb. wide receiver with elite speed, but there is at least one of player deserving of mention who could get drafted. While former TCU running back Ed Wesley doesn't have any of the gaudy measureables that former Baylor wideout Josh Gordon can claim, he does have a better background than his middling 2011 numbers would indicate.

Quick Breakdown on Supplmental RB Ed Wesley, TCU | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
I watched Ed Wesley this time last week, presuming he would be playing another year. A few days later, he applied for the NFL’s supplemental draft. Wesley was a rising senior at Texas Christian and in a committee situation with fellow runners Waymon James and Matthew Tucker. He’s a 5’9″, 200-pound runner with potential to develop into a better player at his position. In this final game versus Louisiana Tech, I saw more areas he needed to work on than areas where he shined.

Eight prospects eligible for NFL Supplemental Draft -
NFL teams were informed on Monday of the eight prospects who will be eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft on Thursday, July 12. The draft will be conducted electronically beginning at 1:00 p.m. (ET). No other applications will be accepted. The eight players eligible for next Thursday's draft:

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL… -
As we do every week, even during the really down times, let’s take a swing around the NFL, looking at a bunch of random things…

Ron Jaworksi: Joe Flacco has strongest arm in NFL -
When it comes to ranking the league's hardest throwers, the likes of Matthew Stafford, Michael Vick and Cam Newton come to mind. However, one expert says Joe Flacco tops them all.

Rookie Spotlight - Bruce Irvin

A look at the opponents: Seattle Seahawks, Week 6 - Extra Points -
Five questions about the Seahawks heading into training camp with Danny O’Neil, the beat writer from the Seattle Times.