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Seattle Seahawks: Field Gulls Voters Say The Hawks Will Be 10-6 in 2012

Re-cropped by popular demand.
Re-cropped by popular demand.

After a week of previewing the 2012 schedule for the Seahawks, the votes are in. With about 1,800 votes and split into four quadrants of a season, the tally for Seattle wins this season is right around 9 or 10. The actual count is 10-6, but I think optimistic voters had a hard time picking 1-3 in the second quarter of the season though it felt like that's what they knew in their guts. Their hearts just wouldn't let them believe that Seattle could lose three out of four games.

The current tally in that vote is 194 votes for 1-3 and 232 votes for 2-2 during the second quarter of the schedule. You voted that the first quarter of the schedule would have a 2-2 start by Seattle with an even closer finish: 235 votes for 2-2 and 217 votes for 3-1. The biggest blowout of votes came in the third quarter when 66% of you said that the Hawks would go 3-1 at that time. You guys also favor the home stretch of games where 220 of you said they'd go 3-1 in the final quarter while another 64 of you said that they'd go 4-0.

It was interesting to take a look at what you thought their record would be when you break it down in this style. Not only because you're looking at the team but because you're looking at the schedule and you're NOT looking at all 16 games at once, which can be overwhelming. It's not just about whether you think the Hawks will improve from their 7-9 finish in each of the last two years, but it's about whether or not they can beat a certain number of teams on their schedule. Your schedule definitely matters.

If the Hawks go 10-6, that would be a major improvement and give the team a solid chance at making the playoffs again. It would also be their first winning season since 2007 when they went 10-6 under Mike Holmgren. Seattle has averaged 5.75 wins per season over the last four years, so it would be nice to get over that hump and show that the team is actually good again.

But what if they finish 9-7?

It may not look fancy but the Giants just won the Super Bowl after a 9-7 season. The year before that, the Packers went 10-6. The Giants also went 10-6 in 2007, meaning that three of the last five champions were only one or two games over .500 that season.

I think that as fans, we're just looking at some improvement in the third year of Pete Carroll and John Schneider. We've seen some things we like and some players that they've brought in that we love and that makes them look like football geniuses, but it's wins that we want to see more than anything. It's not much different with the Mariners where I think it's undeniable that the front office is full of draft gurus that have loaded the farm system, but we want to see the major league team actually get better and not hit like its 1899.

You've voted that the Hawks will be 10-6 or maybe 9-7. To say that they'd be 11-5 would seem like a stretch of your votes but we could probably expand the range of votes from anywhere to 8-11 wins, and it doesn't seem like many of you think that they're going to be 7-9 or worse again.

Where do you stand today and not voting in season quarters?