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Coffee and Cigarettes: Links for Friday

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Chase Stuart has written about fantasy football for the past decade over at, worked for a number of years at Pro-Football-Reference (PFR Blog), has written at the Fifth Down blog at the New York Times, and contributed to Chris Brown's excellent site, Smart Football. Needless to say, after that introduction, I'm a fan of his work. He's started a new blog called, and it's now among my daily must-reads. I've featured some of these columns here in Coffee and Cigarettes in the past few weeks, so if you are a daily reader this will be a repeat, but if not, check out some of his articles below.

Correlating passing stats with wins
Passer rating is one of the most misleading statistics in football.

Steven Jackson: the Ollie Matson of the 21st century
Which NFL running back has played on the best teams? Which runner has the worst winning percentage in history? Steven Jackson has played on some terrible Rams teams.

Examining passing distribution in the NFL since 1970
How has the passing game of the NFL evolved over the last 40 years?

Coaching records in close games
Which NFL coaches have the best records in close games?

Gene Stallings, Alabama Football, and passing/rushing efficiency
Is pass efficiency more important than rushing productivity?

Splits Happen
A look at some random NFL splits based on the 2011 season

How much better will the Denver Broncos passing game be with Peyton Manning?
Going from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning will result in significantly more completions for the 2012 Denver Broncos.

A closer look at running back aging patterns
At what age do running backs fall off? is 30 the age when running backs hit the wall?