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2013 NFL Draft Scouting: QB Landry Jones, Oklahoma

Getty Images's top eight quarterbacks heading into the 2012 season are (1) USC's Matt Barkley, (2) Arkansas'Tyler Wilson, (3) Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas, (4) Tennessee'sTyler Bray, (5) Oklahoma's Landry Jones, (6) Georgia's Aaron Murray, (7) LSU Zach Mettenberger, and (8) West Virginia's Geno Smith. The top-four of that group are currently first-round projections; the next three, first- to second-rounders; and Smith a solid second-round prospect. I posted scouting videos for Wilson, Thomas, and Bray already, moving forward we'll hit up Jones, Murray and Smith. We've already seen all of the Matt Barkley vids at this point already so I'll spare you just this once; Mettenberger has played in two games so there's not much out there.

As always, tip of the cap to the fellas at -- they do the yeoman's work on scouting prospect cutups so make sure you follow the links on the videos below to follow them on twitter.

Now up, Landry Jones.