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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Wednesday


Hump day, everybody!

Tuesday practice report | Seahawks Insider
Quarterback Matt Flynn returned to practice Tuesday after resting his tender right elbow on Monday. Flynn appeared to be a full strength and threw the ball in all sessions, with a highlight being a touchdown pass to Ricardo Lockette with a nice pass in twos vs. twos team.

Russell Wilson talks about earning starting job for Seahawks | The Dan Patrick Show | Official Home
Wilson described his feelings after coach Pete Carroll told him he had the job: "Everybody said I was too short. Couldn’t play int he National Football League. I’ve put in all this hard work. … Coming here to play for the Seattle Seahawks is a dream come true."

Russell Wilson Can Make The #3 Great - Seattle Seahawks History, Moments in time
NWSB Managing editor and Seattle Seahawks writer Q tells us what its going to take from Russell Wilson and the new QB era in Seattle to change how he feels about the uniform #3 and its history with the organization. From Rick Mirer to Jeff George, to Josh Brown the number hasn't been to well kept. Russell Wilson is here to change that. He will lead the Seahawks to greatness. Just wait and see says Q.

Seahawks ready to follow Wilson | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
Seattle center Max Unger understands Seattle’s coaching staff had a tough decision. "It was close, man," Unger said. "It could have gone either way. We don’t really know what’s going on with all the passing stuff that the quarterbacks do. But the coaches made the call, and we’re happy with the coaches’ decision "There’s a couple real small things that we’ll have to work out. But all in all, he’s had great control of the offense. And he’s very confident back there, and that’s what you want."

Picking Wilson the right choice | Dave Boling - The News Tribune
A couple specific plays may have provided tipping points for Carroll’s decision. The first came in the fourth quarter of the second preseason game at Denver, when he was under pressure on a third-and-three. Being dragged down from behind, the wise quarterback knows he has no choice: Eat the ball. But Wilson flipped it to a soft spot in the defense to receiver Lavasier Tuinei for a first down. A sack would have taken them out of field goal range. Throwing it out of bounds would have been a grounding penalty since he was in the grasp. But he ended up inventing a way to get a first down. Two plays later, they scored on a screen pass to Tyrell Sutton.

Seahawks' Russell Wilson is example of NFL-ready rookie quarterbacks | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
The old NFL playbook for grooming a quarterback would have called for putting Wilson on the back burner. He was a third-round pick, after all. No need to rush him. Let Flynn and Jackson compete to be the starter this season while Wilson simmered for a year, maybe two, before giving him a real opportunity to earn playing time. Blog | Monday in Hawkville: Thomas does his best to upstage Wilson "
"We’re just trying to get better every day," said Thomas, who returned an interception 75 yards for a touchdown in Friday night’s preseason victory over the Chiefs in Kansas City. "It’s paying off. We’re having fun out there. And we’re going to be something to be reckoned with."

By naming Russell Wilson the Seahawks' starting QB, Pete Carroll shows competition matters most - Yahoo! Sports
"He's earned the job," Carroll said matter-of-factly of Wilson during a Sunday evening conference call with reporters. "It was a legitimate competition as we said from the beginning, and with the opportunity he's taken advantage of, he deserves to start."

Seattle Seahawks Preseason Game 3: A Quick Look at the Russell Wilson Offense | Bleacher Report
Going into the Seahawks' game against the Kansas City Chiefs, I was curious to see what the first-team offense would look like with Russell Wilson at the helm. Would the Seahawks utilize Wilson's athletic ability with bootlegs, rolls, half-rolls and sprint-outs to pressure the Chiefs front seven or, to better evaluate the QB position, would they decide to run the same style of offense that Matt Flynn had run earlier in the preseason? Here's what I found:

Edwards sees 'better' in Russell Wilson than Sanchez -
So does Edwards see any similar things between Sanchez and Wilson? "I see better things," Edwards told Doug Farrar of Yahoo's Shutdown Corner. That's no surprise. While Sanchez had his moments in 2009, he's never displayed the kind of awareness and playmaking ability that Wilson showed during the 2012 preseason. Yes, it's only the preseason. But jobs are won in the preseason; highly paid free-agent acquisitions get benched because of the preseason.

Braylon Edwards’ altitude, not T.O.’s attitude, forced the receiver issue in Seattle | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
"I like him," Carroll said of Edwards. "I think he's played really good football for us. I'd love to see him come out and catch a few balls for us this week. I told him yesterday I'm proud of the way he's come out and attacked this opportunity. He's competed everyday he's been out here and he's made his plays in games as well. He's doing a really nice job to help his cause to be a part of this thing."

Where will NFL offenses go from here? | Audibles
The wheels are turning inside Rich Rodriguez’s mind. Even in conversation over the phone, that much is obvious. The topic that has Rodriguez, prepping for his first season as head coach at the University of Arizona, so enthused: Could a dual-threat player, like his former star at Michigan, Denard Robinson, elevate the zone-read spread option by lining up at running back, with an athletic quarterback next to him? "I’ve always wondered about that," Rodriguez says. "You can take a Hines Ward (a college quarterback) or someone and get him eight to 12 snaps in something other than the wildcat. … I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes to fruition — a multi-position guy; a guy that can actually throw the football, run some zone-read, play-action pass. (That) would be invaluable to that offense."

Pete Carroll on Russell Wilson as a true competitor - YouTube
Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll responding to a question from an Elite 11 quarterback on July 22, 2012. He used Russell Wilson as an example of a true competitor that epitomizes everything he's looking for in a starting quarterback.

Strangely enough, you know who Russell Wilson reminds me of? " Seahawks Draft Blog
As I watched Wilson’s masterful performance against the Chiefs, I was reminded of how Wilson finds success by doing all the little things. On a protection breakdown, Wilson was flushed up the middle of the pocket. Leon Washington realized things were getting ugly and hustled into the flat on the right to serve as a safety valve. Wilson made the decision to run. Eric Berry stood in Wilson’s way, probably serving the Chiefs "spy" role on that play. Berry was there to stop Wilson from running. Wilson made a subtle move in Washington’s direction, then made a quick and deceptive fake shovel pass. Berry bit on it so hard that it turned him around completely, only to find out seconds later what had really happened. Wilson ran untouched for over 30 yards before gracefully jogging out of bounds.

Age ranks: Seahawks get younger again - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Seattle Seahawks got younger this week after releasing veterans Terrell Owens, Deuce Lutui and Alex Barron.

Sidney Rice's gift of gab evident; Kam Chancellor rests sore hip | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
att Flynn threw for about half of Monday's practice as he returns after an inflamed muscle in his throwing arm kept him from playing in Friday's game. Carroll said the goal was to not tax Flynn's arm too much in his return.

Pete Carroll on naming Russell Wilson the starter - Blog -
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll joined "Brock and Salk" on Monday to recap a busy Sunday that included the release of receiver Terrell Owens and 11 others and a trade that sends quarterback Tarvaris Jackson to Buffalo. Oh yeah, the Seahawks named their starting quarterback as well. Here are a few notes on what Carroll had to say about that decision:

Jon Gruden-damus, Russell Wilson and the tipping point in QB competition with Matt Flynn | Seahawks Blog
"Russell's performance was just so far off the charts," coach Pete Carroll said, "that we just had to recognize it." But this wasn't some sort of straight-line progression. Remember, Matt Flynn started the second exhibition game, not Wilson as Seattle had planned. "I know that everybody that made statements that they would think it would have been Matt's job to lose in a sense," Carroll said. "I didn't think of it that, but he took it over, right from the start. Matt kind of made it look like that. That's why he started the second game. So both of these guys were ready to go, and really, just one guy had a lot more success with the numbers and the production."

Did Pete Carroll make the right move with Russell Wilson? -
"Absolutely they made the right decisions, let me check the numbers here: Matt Flynn’s preseason stats: 7-for-26, 102 yards, one pick. Russell Wilson: 35-for-52, 464 yards, five touchdowns, one pick, he ran for a buck fifty and a touchdown," Mark Kriegel said Monday on "NFL AM." "You could see it the other day against the Chiefs, the team was coming to him (because) he’s become a leader."

Pete Carroll backed up his talk about Matt Flynn -
What Carroll told me proved to be prophetic. "It has nothing to do with it. And I've said that from the start; I came into the league saying I don't care how much you guys are getting paid, it's who plays the best," he said. "That's free agency, you know? That's what that is. That's what it cost to get him in the free-agent market, but on the field, he ain't carrying around any money in his pocket."

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL… -
I think I have a solution to the Cardinals QB saga. I’m no genius (clearly), but this just came to me. They can’t name a starter. They just can’t. Coach Ken Whisenhunt waited and waited for Kevin Kolb or John Skelton to emerge, and neither has. Really, they’re both kinda terrible in their own way. Kolb has flashes of competence, and that two-minute drive he led on Thursday night was a great example. Then, he’ll throw a bone-headed interception that will make you wonder if he’s even seeing the field. As for Skelton, he’s simply underwhelming. He rarely looks great, he’s inaccurate, but he makes (slightly) fewer mistakes.

The Cardinals are likely waiting for some QB to shake loose from the QB tree when cuts are made, but is a team’s third-stringer really going to be your starter? Doubtful. That’s why Whisenhunt should continue the competition into the season. Alternate drives, alternate quarters. Don’t worry about them getting into a rhythm, because that’s not happening anyway. Just go with each go for a prescribed amount of time and see if one, finally, without the craziness of the preseason, emerges. Why not just pick one? Because players know. They value credibility. And simply going with a guy who hasn’t stood out over the other guy won’t buy value in the locker room. Players will know it’s not believable to say one guy has stood out.

Playbook: Panthers' 'Hi-Lo Whip' concept | National Football Post
Let’s go back to Sunday night in New York and take a look at Cam Newton’s TD pass vs. the Jets to talk scheme, technique and game situation. Check out the replay of the "Hi-Lo Whip" concept and then we will get into some quick coaching points.

It's not all black and white | National Football Post
Explaining the issues behind the NFL Officials strike. Money is only part of the problem.

Cardinals vs. Titans: Breaking Down Key Performances from Arizona's 32-27 Loss | Bleacher Report
Even if it is only preseason, the Arizona Cardinals were looking to put together back-to-back wins, something they had become accustomed to over the final eight games of last season.

Braylon Edwards’ altitude, not T.O.’s attitude, forced the receiver issue in Seattle | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
In replacing Mike Williams, the Seattle Seahawks knew that they needed a big receiver who could get yards after the catch in their grab-and-go offense. To that end, they brought two veterans at loose ends into their training camp: Braylon Edwards and Terrell Owens. Edwards, whose 2011 season with the San Francisco 49ers ended early after a torn meniscus, was trying to mirror his season with the New York Jets in 2010, when he had a career high in yards per catch. Owens had been out of the league since 2010, when his 72-catch season with the Cincinnati Bengals led to a year in training after knee surgery.

2012 NFL Season: Over-Under Predictions -
After seeing the 49ers live, I just don't think they pass it well enough or often enough. This is a run-first team. I see Moss maybe with 40-50 catches for 700 yards, something like that. I also have to caution that this is a player who hasn't done a thing basically for two years. Don't get caught up in the name.

Russell Wilson, Nick Foles win; Terrell Owens and Jets offense lose in preseason Week 3 - Don Banks -
WINNER: Seattle's quarterback depth -- We just found out Pete Carroll will ride the hot hand of rookie Russell Wilson, rather than go with the slightly more experienced free-agent signee Matt Flynn, but that's the two best choices the Seahawks have had at quarterback in quite some time. No offense to Charlie Whitehurst, Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Hasselbeck and Seneca Wallace, but no offense pretty much summed up the state of things in Seattle before this preseason. Wilson, the "short'' quarterback who some said wouldn't even get drafted, is the clear-cut story of the 2012 preseason. Score yet another one for the science that is NFL draft scouting.

NFL - Mailbag: QB youth movement impacts schedule - ESPN
Ten quarterbacks taken in the past two drafts are now starting. The AFC South has three -- Andrew Luck in Indianapolis, Blaine Gabbert of the Jaguars and Jake Locker of the Titans. The AFC North has Brandon Weeden of the Browns and Andy Dalton of the Bengals. Russell Wilson won the Seahawks' starting job. Robert Griffin III is the Redskins' quarterback. Ryan Tannehill is undergoing his "Hard Knocks" in Miami. Christian Ponder is starting for the Vikings, and Cam Newton is entrenched in Carolina.

Redskins release Chris Cooley | ProFootballTalk
The Redskins have released tight end Chris Cooley after eight seasons with the team. Cooley announced the news via an emotional press conference conducted in the open air of the team’s practice field.

The Incredible Development of Russell Wilson - 12th Man Rising - A Seattle Seahawks Fan Site -
2 plays in particular stood out. In the first he decide to run to his right outside the pocket when the correct move was to simply take a half step to his left and then step forward. Doing what he did cut the field in half, and Braylon Edwards was open on the far side of the field. The other play was an odd one in which Wilson dropped back, then suddenly bailed out of the pocket to his right despite the fact that there was no pressure at all.