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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Gameday



NFL Videos: Russell Wilson on 'NFL Total Access'
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson joins the "NFL Total Access" crew to talk about getting the starting gig at QB, and even talks about his height affecting his game.

Seahawks' rookie Sweezy exceeds expectations | - Sports
"He answered the question right," Cable said. "When I asked, 'I'm here to work you as an offensive lineman, not a defensive lineman, are you all right with that?' His answer was, 'Yeah, I'll do whatever it takes.' That's the right answer. It's not, 'Well, does this mean I don't get to play D-line?' You don't want to hear that crap. You just want to know, 'Hey, do you want to go for this or not?' And right from the beginning, he did, and that made it easy."

Cable has the running game connected
"I think Tom has a great deal to do with it," said coach Pete Carroll, who hired Cable last January as his offensive line coach, but also assistant head coach and running game guru. "He’s a fantastic coach. He’s won these guys over. They’ll listen to everything he says. They do everything that he calls on them to do." Carroll will get no argument from the players who work most closely with Cable.

Seahawks notes: Wilson to start, Flynn to play - Blog -
Running back Marshawn Lynch's sore back is improving but he will be held out against Oakland. Receiver Doug Baldwin has been doing more sprint work as he recovers from a hamstring injury, but Carroll has elected to not use him Thursday night. Carroll said special teams play will decide several close battles among receivers, linebackers and defensive backs. Defensive linemen Jason Jones and Greg Scruggs will not play Thursday but Carroll expects both to be ready for Arizona.

The case for Seahawks rookie Winston Guy | - Seattle Sidelines
"I’ve really liked this guy," Carroll said. "He’s a very natural football player. In his days at Kentucky, they moved him around quite a bit, and we were able to see him do things like what we do in this package. It was the Lawyer Milloy spot, a guy we used because of years of savvy and understanding. There are so many things that a guy has to deal with that he almost has to have a real natural sense, because you can’t coach everything because of all the floating and moving around that he’s asked to do. Well Winston gets it; he just gets it. He’s a hitter, he plays the ball well, he’s really fast, he’s 216 pounds, big kid. He’s got a real knack for rushing the passer, he looks like a pass rusher when he’s coming. So he’s really been a pleasant surprise. We had hoped that he would be able to do these things, and he’s on that package."

Seahawks injury update, including encouraging news on James Carpenter | - Seattle Sidelines
"Carp is doing marvelously," Carroll said. "We were kind of concerned about him not making early progress in the recovery program, but he just kind of jumped about six weeks ago, and he’s doing a very rigorous workout, long spells of work on the field. We’re trying to simulate the time that he would practice, three days a week of hard practicing, then one more day of really hard work to see how he endures it, and he’s handling it well. He’s not far away from looking like he could practice and play for us, but it’s still a crucial time here, we’re going to have to make a big decision on how we do this. But he has busted his tail to get back, and we’re really, really excited. He’s definitely going to play this year. We didn’t know that even in July. We weren’t sure. But we know that now that he’s going to play once he gets back and gets his weeks in to get back on the field. So it’s really positive for us." Blog | Wednesday in Hawkville: Irvin defensive rookie of the year? "
Carroll had said that Moffitt would remain the starter, but altered that assessment today. "We’re just going one game at a time there, but J.R. has handled it very well," Carroll said. "John is just getting back into it, so we need to see what John’s doing. So there’s a lot to be evaluated there. But we’re comfortable with the way Sweez is going right now. If that’s the way it is, then he would be starting. Maybe."

Seahawks’ top pick Irvin deals with adversity - Seahawks - The Olympian -
"People are talking about how I haven’t gotten a sack yet, but it’s the preseason; you’ll always face adversity, and the best way to deal with it is to just keep working hard," the former West Virginia star said.

Billick: Explaining choice of Wilson harder than making it -
"It’s not hard as a coach if you make the evaluation that this guy gives you the best chance to win," Billick said. "It makes it hard to go to your GM or for you and the GM go to the owner and say, ‘Well we gave a 2nd round pick for Charlie Whitehurst, he didn’t quite work out, we gave $10 million to this guy Flynn but we actually think this rookie quarterback is our best chance to win.’ At some point ownership is going to look at that and say, ‘Well I hope you are right because right I’m not sure you know what you are doing with regards to quarterbacking.’"

Why Seahawks will be better in 2012 " Seahawks Draft Blog
Whatever your feelings about Tarvaris Jackson, he leaves Seattle with a lot more respect than when he arrived. At times last year he was a frustrating watch, but he was out there every week fighting to help his team with a torn pec. He did a job for the Seahawks when they needed a quarterback post-lockout. The guy deserves some credit as he moves on to Buffalo.

Seahawks Ben Obomanu again a receiver on the NFL's bubble | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
Obomanu used to be one of those young guys taking aim at a veteran's gig as he came to a team with established receivers like Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram. "First couple of years, that was the obstacle," Obomanu said. "Trying to compete as a low pick against guys that had big contracts that were new to the team. I had a lot of big guys in front of me the first couple of years."

2011 NFL draft update: James Carpenter's outlook - ESPN
There were even rumblings Carpenter, a first-round draft choice in 2011, would miss the season entirely after suffering a severe knee injury during a November practice. The outlook has changed. While teams around the league have begun placing players on their physically unable to perform lists, Carpenter stayed on the roster at the reduction to 75 players. If he remains active at the reduction to 53 on Friday, which now seems likely, Carpenter could factor into Seattle's plans much earlier than once anticipated. Players on the PUP list must miss the first six weeks.

Carroll: OL Carpenter will play this season | Seahawks Insider
Linebacker Matt McCoy has not played in any preseason games because of a knee surgery he had during the offseason. Carroll says McCoy is valuable because he can play all three linebacker positions, and that he’s close to getting back on the field. However, the Seahawks have a tough decision to make because they have not had an opportunity to see him play before making a decision on final roster cut downs. "He had a very good offseason, but just right as camp began he looked like he needed more time," Carroll said. "And so we’ve been trying to buy every minute of it. He’s just about ready to practice."

Great expectations for Seahawks' Golden Tate - Blog -
When Owens was released last Sunday, I asked Tate whether that was a vote of confidence in him. "I can't control who they bring in here to compete," he said. "I can only control what I do out here every day. I need to make the plays I'm supposed to make, and make some people probably don't think I can make. I see myself as a playmaker."

What to watch for in Seahawks' preseason finale - Blog -
Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby both agreed Tuesday that receiver Braylon Edwards has done enough to secure a spot on the Seahawks' final roster. Brock Huard isn't as certain.

Seahawks receivers and the battle to hang on to a roster spot | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
"It's nothing new to me to kind of be the underdog," Butler said.

Rice-a-rollin', the Seattle Seahawks treat | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
"He's in great shape," coach Pete Carroll said. "He's the strongest he's been since we've been together which is really the goal this whole offseason. He's ready to go and that's a big deal to us."

Chargers vs. 49ers: What to Watch for in Preseason Week 4 | Bleacher Report
Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos made quick work of the 49ers first-team defense last week. Failure was quickly pointed in the direction of the defensive secondary as Carlos Rogers and Tramaine Brock had equally rough days in coverage. Rogers and Brock both gave up first quarter touchdowns to Eric Decker who is quietly emerging as Manning's favorite pass-catcher.

Ravens vs. Rams: What to Watch for in Preseason Week 4 | Bleacher Report
As the end of the preseason draws near, teams like the St. Louis Rams and Baltimore Ravens no longer have to worry about meaningless games and meaningless injuries.

Matt Barkley, Montee Ball lead offensive prospects for 2013 NFL Draft - Tony Pauline -
The 2012 NFL Draft was just four months ago, but with a new college season ready to kick off, it's time to look forward. Next year's draft has a decidedly Pac-12 and ACC flavor at the offensive positions and will be headlined by a group of talented seniors. The quarterback position could develop into a strength and 2013 also looks like a draft rich with offensive linemen. (* Denotes underclassmen)

Playbook: RGIII vs. Nickel 'Cover 0' pressure | National Football Post
Throughout the preseason schedule, the Redskins have been basic in their approach to game planning for rookie QB Robert Griffin III. However, this past weekend we saw the ‘Skins move RGIII outside of the pocket (sprint action) to target WR Santana Moss in the red zone vs. Cover 0 (blitz-man) pressure. Let’s take a look at Griffin’s TD pass vs. the Colts and break down some coaching points..

Whisenhunt Explains Decision To Sit Quarterbacks - SB Nation Arizona
Per the transcript at Sports Radio Interviews: "The thinking with Ryan Lindley is going into this game I don't know how much of our offensive line is going to play. Obviously we want to put D'Anthony Batiste in at left tackle, Bobby Massie at right tackle because that stabilized us at Tennessee last week and we want to see it to start the game. I don't know if we are going to get enough snaps to evenly divide between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton, so how are you going to assess them playing a game when they are playing with two different lines against possibly two different sets of defenses?"

Don't jump to conclusions with influx of young quarterbacks -
It's a fantastic youth movement -- the start of a potentially great era at the quarterback position. After all, we haven't seen something like this since ... since ... since JaMarcus Russell joined Matt Leinart and Vince Young in the exhilarating QB wave of 2007.

League, refs union go down to the wire - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
Another year, another lockout. Just as the NFL locked out the players of the 2011 offseason as a leverage play for a better labor agreement, the league has now locked out the referees for the 2012 preseason and, perhaps, beyond. Although the games on the field are now meaningless -- and at times unwatchable -- the battle between the NFL and the NFL Referees Association (NFLRA) takes on more meaning as each week passes. And now the NFL has announced that it will use replacement officials for Week 1, although, as with everything, that is subject to change should an agreement be reached.

Scout Talk | National Football Post
Here, with a little help from some of my scout friends, is a look at the senior players who were given the highest preseason grades by the National Scouting service. Players are listed in order of their grades.

Building a better NFL agent | National Football Post
An experienced agent takes a look in the mirror and the professionalism of his industry.

Five things: Luck's going to be great, but Peyton's Broncos will be a threat - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
1. Bucs LB Lavonte David: I loved this kid coming out of Nebraska and he's already in the starting lineup. He knows how to find the football.

If Bryant truly wants to change (unlike T.O.), then he deserves support - NFL -
Dez Bryant? I want this guy to make it as an NFL superstar, and I want him to stop getting into trouble, stop embarrassing himself and his team, that team being the Dallas Cowboys at the moment. More to the point, I want him to retire a decade from now as a Cowboy, to be so good and valuable -- and solid, off the field -- that the Cowboys never let him go. Terrell Owens? I don't want him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and that's crazy talk given his career numbers, which are second in NFL receiving history to Jerry Rice. A guy with numbers like that gets into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, and without a debate. Only, I wouldn't vote for Terrell Owens. Not that I have a vote. But if I did ... he's out.

Locker assuming reins to Titans' offense, but can young quarterback keep them? - NFL -
Locker was pronounced the winner after coming off a rough outing in the second preseason contest, when veteran Matt Hasselbeck remained a very viable alternative. Of course, as many a coach has pointed out to me over the years, it's much easier to turn the team back to Hasselbeck should the Titans stumble early, and still convey to the fans and locker room that hope for 2012 is not lost, while going from a veteran passer to a novice in midseason generally sends a very different message about rebuilding, rather than immediate results. And coming off a season in which they didn't miss the postseason by all that much, the Titans believe the playoffs are within reach.

The Greatest QB of All-Time IV, Part I (Methodology)
In 2006, I took a stab at ranking every quarterback in NFL history. Two years later, I acquired more data and made enough improvements to merit publishing an updated and more accurate list of the best quarterbacks the league has ever seen. In 2009, I tweaked the formula again, and published a set of career rankings, along with a set of strength of schedule, era and weather adjustments, and finally career rankings which include those adjustments and playoff performances.