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Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards Contract Details

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For those of you that were wondering, the contract details for both Braylon Edwards and Terrell Owens have been disclosed. Per Andrew Brandt, Owens signed a one-year deal for the 10-year-plus minimum of $925,000, with a $65,000 signing bonus if he makes the final roster. ProFootballTalk points out his $990,000 salary is a $540,000 hit against the salary cap in 2012, if he makes the team.

PFT also passes along Braylon Edwards' contract details obtained from a league source, and noted due to his seven years of experience, his minimum salary is $825,000. Edwards will also get a $65,000 roster bonus if he makes the team, but importantly, of the base salary, $270,000 of it is fully guaranteed. Identical to T.O.'s potential cap hit, Edwards counts only as $540,000 against the cap in 2012. In other words, if both T.O. and Edwards make the Seahawks' final roster, they'd combine for just over $1 million against the cap. Certainly team-friendly.

The $270,000 guaranteed number for Edwards is interesting and though I would guess the Seahawks wouldn't bat an eye at that kind of money should they drop him, any guaranteed money does lend a little credence to those that see Braylon as a good bet to making the final 53. Regardless, despite the national perspective on the T.O./Braylon Edwards signings and potential locker room ramifications, these are both extremely low-risk, 'prove-it' type contracts that the Seahawks front office has made part of their M.O..