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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Thursday

Aug 8, 2012; Renton, WA, USA; NFL: Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Terrell Owens (10) listens to a play call in the huddle during a training camp scrimmage at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE
Aug 8, 2012; Renton, WA, USA; NFL: Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Terrell Owens (10) listens to a play call in the huddle during a training camp scrimmage at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Two more days!! Blog | What, Matt Flynn worry? "
"Even today, after the offense got going, we played well. We got in a rhythm. We were in synch with each other. Hopefully that continues."

Matt Flynn weighs in on earning preseason start for Seahawks | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News -
On if he sees the starting quarterback job as his to lose: No, not at all. I look at this as an opportunity to show that I can lead this offense, and be successful and move the ball, and hopefully put up some points.

Owens takes the field, Flynn strong - August 8, 2012 | Seattle - Seahawks -
"It was fun," Browner said. "He's going to get me better. I'm going to get him better. We play guys like Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald, so it was good work. It's always good work." "I get extra amped about it. He probably doesn't but I got extra amped about it."

Max Unger: Olympics enthusiast; food connoisseur
Seahawks center Max Unger talks London's 2012 Summer Olympics, game planning against Tennessee, and compliments the chefs at VMAC on a job well done.

NFL Videos: Reaction to Owens' first practice with Seahawks
Bucky Brooks was on hand for Terrell Owens' first practice with the Seattle Seahawks and came away very impressed.

New T.O. looks a lot like old T.O. in first day with Seahawks | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
It was as shaky as you might expect at times from any 38-year-old receiver who hasn't run a route in a competitive situation for over a year, but when Terrell Owens took the field at Seahawks training camp, he spent the next two hours showing flashes of the man who currently ranks sixth in career catches, second in career yards, and second in career receiving touchdowns. At other times, Owens looked very much like a guy trying to come back from knee surgery -- but there was enough to make people understand that there's still something left in the tank. Wearing number 10 "because it was available" instead of his usual 81, Owens took another valuable step back to the NFL.

John Schneider says T.O. signing wasn’t related to Rice’s health | ProFootballTalk
"We have some young guys we are very excited about. If anything we think this guy, with his work ethic, anybody you talk to on his other teams, whether it be Buffalo or Dallas, Cincinnati or Philly, they all talk about him being the hardest worker out there," Schneider said, via "If anything it will be positive for these guys knowing that they have to step their game up as well and obviously they look up to this guy. He’s a 38-year-old man that has accomplished a lot in this league and a lot of them were in there watching the workout yesterday and all of them were very impressed like the majority of us were."

Terrell and me. And you too. | National Football Post
Regardless of how you feel about him, Terrell Owens is a part of your life.

Terrell Owens Has First Seahawks Practice, Says He's 'Humbled': Fantasy Implications -
Terrell Owens first practice with the Seattle Seahawks took place Wednesday, days after signing a one-year contract for the 10-year veteran minimum of just under $1 million. Owens was working out of...

OK, it’s time to set down the clipboard, kid - Seahawks -
Your time has come, your opportunity has arrived. The ball is your hands. Have fun. Blog | Wednesday in Hawkville: Terrell rolls into camp "
It had to be Browner’s welcome-to-camp jam that sent Owens to the turf. "He tried to shock release me. He tried to run through me," Browner said of his run-in with the 6-3, 224-pound Owens in the one-on-one drill. "I’m a big guy. That’s something that will work on somebody a little smaller."

Owens shakes off rust, makes plays | Seahawks Insider
He struggled at times, but the talent was evident in watching Terrell Owens take the field for the Seattle Seahawks for the first time. Owens was one of the last players to emerge from the practice facility this morning. And you could hear some cheers and applause from the 2,000 or so on hand to watch practice when he took the field.

Camp Carroll: Day 10 | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
"I'm excited about it," Flynn said. "It's not something that I'm nervous about, I think too much about. I'm excited to get the opportunity. This is kind of what I've been looking for and waiting for. It's going to be good to be able to get these reps the next couple of days at practice, get in a rhythm. Even today, after offense got going, we played well today. We got in a rhythm. We were in sync with each other. Hopefully that continues and continues on Saturday."

Matt Flynn to start Seahawks' first preseason game | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
The Seahawks have a starting quarterback. At least they do for this Saturday's exhibition game against Tennessee: Matt Flynn. "I need to see him in a situation where now he takes over and see what that looks like," coach Pete Carroll said.

Seahawks already raving about Terrell Owens | National Football Post
"He's humble, and he's looking for chance to play," Carroll said. "I think that was a very long football season for him last year for him to sit out. I think he's been in transition for more than just this past season, at Buffalo and through his time at Cincinnati. He's been growing and becoming more comfortable with the way he is and the way he plays, the way he brings it to the practice field, the way he brings it to the locker room."

Terrell Owens calls chance with Seahawks 'more about doing than talking' -
"T.O. was extremely hard-working and very focused," Norton told Farrar when speaking of Owens' early NFL career. "He had a good surrounding of veterans -- Jerry Rice, Brent Jones, Steve Young -- all these guys around him, and he really did a great job of learning how to be a pro. I was very impressed with him early on. The things I watched him do in those first five years really impressed me -- his work ethic, and his ability to be around Jerry Rice all the time. Jerry Rice was always coming to practice early and leaving late, and Terrell was right with him the whole time. He has a good upbringing. "When you look at his numbers, he produces. And that's what we're expecting to get."

Low-keyed first day for Terrell Owens - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Owens still runs pretty well. He got deep for a diving grab along the sideline. Owens' hands held up. Though known for suffering too many drops over the years, he caught the ball well in this practice. Owens will need time adjusting to contact. His new teammates have been hitting and jostling for a while. Owens hasn't faced NFL-caliber competition for a couple seasons. It showed when Seattle's physical corners roughed him up. Owens wants to go under the radar at this point. He appeared to say little during practice. He was not at all demonstrative.

Terrell Owens makes practice debut with Seahawks | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
To say the entire league was watching wasn't just a metaphor. The NFL Network was there with a reporter. So was ESPN, and there were at least a dozen cameras waiting for Owens to emerge from the locker room and take the field. "Must be a playoff game, right?" said Braylon Edwards, who is no longer the newest receiver on Seattle's roster.

Carson Palmer vouches for Terrell Owens to sign with Seahawks - Silver And Black Pride
"Coach had reached out to me a couple times and you know just knowing coach's style and the way he goes about teaching and leading his team," said Palmer. "I just thought that TO would be a great fit. I had the opportunity to play with TO and really enjoyed playing with him. It was a great relationship and we continued to work out afterwards and didn't have anything negative to say about TO. It was a great relationship. I just let coach know that I thought he would fit in really well with his style and I think that they'll have a lot of success together."

2013 NFL Draft: Nebraska Preview - CBSSports
Although the Cornhuskers don't have the flash and sizzle of other programs, Nebraska routinely sends quality players to the next level and this year's class won't be any different

Time is now for Kolb to conquer injury curse and take over Cardinals' quarterback job -
"I feel the urgency," Kolb said after Tuesday's morning walk-through, "and I look forward to getting it done. Hopefully, if I can shake off a few of these injuries we'll be ready to roll."

Expect to see the 'Curl-Flat' route this weekend | National Football Post
In the NFL preseason, it's all about basic schemes to start.

The Agent vs. The Cap Manager | National Football Post
A look at the guardians of the NFL owners’ money and how to separate it from them.

Will we see the 'Inverted Veer' in the NFL? | National Football Post
Using video to look at the 'Veer' scheme.

Cardinals holding real quarterback competition, unlike Browns -
"Everything is fair," superstar receiver Larry Fitzgerald said Tuesday after a joint practice at the Chiefs' training camp facility. "It's all about competition. It doesn't matter: Whoever the best wide receiver is (is) going to play, whoever the best offensive tackle is (is) going to play, whoever the best strong safety is (is) going to play. It's all about the cream rising to the top. It's a lot of fun playing for a coach that's fair like that. That's going to give players the opportunity to earn the positions and that's the way it should be."

Cosell Talks: Mark Sanchez / Ryan Fitzpatrick : NFL Films Blog
This week, I will consider two quarterbacks in the AFC East: Ryan Fitzpatrick and Mark Sanchez. Their respective teams, the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, are receiving much preseason publicity, for reasons that have little to do with either player. In Buffalo’s case, the renewed optimism stems primarily from the retooled defense, which is now anchored by free-agent signee Mario Williams. The hordes have swarmed to Jets training camp in Cortland, N.Y., meanwhile, for daily Tim Tebow updates. Only Tebow could turn Sanchez, the starting quarterback of a team just one season removed from consecutive appearances in the AFC Championship Game, to a bit player.

When it comes to arrests, NFL shifting concern from PR to W-L mark - NFL -
According to a database created by the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Minnesota Vikings have had 36 players arrested since 2000, the most in the league. Cincinnati is next with 35, Denver at 32 and Tennessee with 30. There aren't a lot of championships in that group.