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Terrell Owens and Pete Carroll Punk the Seahawks

Alright - so you may or may not of heard about this - but following the Seahawks' controversial decision to bring Terrell Owens to camp, Pete Carroll and T.O. thought it would be funny to punk the team. I figured the video would come out sooner or later and you can now watch the whole thing for yourself, above. For what it's worth, I think some guys in the room truly believed that T.O. was doing what many see as "the T.O. thing" - being selfish and vain and whatnot - and Clint Gresham actually tweeted directly after their meeting, "Our whole team just got punked soo bad by TO & coach Carroll. Wow that was the most akward moment ever and was so glad it was a joke!"

So, even though you'll hear some guys laughing in the background I'm sure there were others that were like "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is a bad start" Anyway, watch for yourself, it's pretty classic. Credit for filming and editing to Jon Suyat, Seattle Seahawks. Check it out at the WinForever blog.