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NFL Power Rankings: Seahawks No Longer America's Team


The Seahawks' entered the 2012 NFL season as Super Bowl favorites* but after a disastrous divisional loss to Arizona last weekend, the wheels of a championship season are falling off.

*I'm not even going to link to that article, ok?

Perusing the national media rankings, the Seahawks didn't break the top-20 anywhere, despite a strong starting spot on a few sites (ESPN initially listed the Seahawks as somewhere in the teens, maybe). A loss to the preseason QB laughing stock of the NFL is not going to help matters.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 2 Brings A New No. 1 - SBNation's Joel Thorman
26th, down from 24th: "All that preseason hype over Russell Wilson and they go out and lose to Arizona. What a deflating feeling."

Power Rankings: Opening results cause shakeup, but nothing's permanent - Pete Prisco, CBS -
22nd, down from 20th: "Russell Wilson made it interesting in the end, but they have to do more on offense if they are to compete with the 49ers. Chalk it up to a first start."

NFL Power Rankings - Top 32 NFL Football Teams - FOX Sports, Brian Billick -
28th, down from 24: "This team lacks an identity and I find it hard to believe that the players have a firm understanding of the direction of this team. Good job by Russell Wilson to give them a chance to win, but it took an extra timeout and two questionable pass interference calls to get there."

NFL Power Rankings Week 2 - National Football League - ESPN, Mike Sando -
26th, down from 20th: "The offensive line was the biggest disappointment during an opening-week defeat to the Cardinals."


Man, Brian Billick just gets it, doesn't he?

Now, watch this.