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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Wednesday

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Hump day already! Holy crap.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: Week 1 Reaction: No Apocalypse Now
Today is a comedown day for Seahawks fans. I had almost forgotten just how nasty and vitriolic we football fans can be after a loss. And I'd forgotten it because the 12th Man just wasn't very nasty last year. Not like this. My memory of 2011 was of muted, resigned, relatively tranquil reactions when the Seahawks lost, not the sarcastic poo-flinging that we're seeing right now.

Cardinals' pressure was a problem
"Dockett was really tough," Carroll said during his weekly day-after Q&A session. "He was really good in this game. He caused a lot of problems. He just was very aggressive and he was hard to handle. "He was really the big factor in messing things up quite a bit."

Bringing the house: Week 1 pressure stats - NFC West Blog - ESPN
"They pressured us a majority of the times numbers-wise more so than anybody we've seen them play," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told reporters Monday. "They had a real intent to mix it up and take their chances, and we weren't able to really take advantage of that. Sometimes they’d become vulnerable, but they held on pretty well, they covered well, and made it tough all day long passing wise."

NaVorro Bowman: 49ers’ win over Packers "was a huge statement" | ProFootballTalk
"That was a huge statement," Bowman said on NFL Network’s Around the League Live. "Going up against the hot shots in the league prior to that game, we just wanted to go out and really set the tone."

AP Pro32 comments about Seahawks - NFL -
Cris Collinsworth (NBC Sports, 23) - Rookie quarterback on the road never easy.

Jarvis Jones (DE, Georgia) vs Missouri " Seahawks Draft Blog
Jarvis Jones could be a better fit for Seattle than any other team in the league. At 6-3 and around 240-5lbs he’s not the prototype 4-3 end. I’m not completely convinced he’s a great fit as a 3-4 OLB. Jones needs to be at the line, rushing the passer, in a scheme that will get the most out of what many will view as an undersized pass rush specialist. Blog | Up next: Dallas Cowboys "
Unsung hero: Jay Ratliff. Yes, the Cowboys’ nose tackle has been to three Pro Bowls. But even that doesn’t do justice to the disruption he can create and production he can generate – for others, if not himself. Former Seahawks center Chris Spencer always rated Ratliff as the toughest player he went up against. The big question this week is whether Ratliff will be there to work against Max Unger, who has replaced Spencer. Ratliff got a high ankle sprain on Aug. 25 and before that was sidelined for most of training camp and the entire offseason with plantar fasciitis. Josh Brent has been filling in for Ratliff.

49ers defensive player-by-player review vs. Packers
There is a lot of credit to go around on the defensive side the ball from the 49ers' 30-22 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday at Lambeau Field. The pass rush got pressure on Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers with three sacks and other pressure that either forced Rodgers to scramble five times or throw the ball away. The front was stout against the run. And the secondary generally did a good job keeping the ball in front of them and securing tackles. Here's the defensive player-by-player breakdown:

RG3, Andrew Luck have one in the books: Ranking the rookie QBs NFL debuts - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
2. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks I’m not sold on the idea that Russell Wilson is the future of the Seattle Seahawks, but he had a decent debut for the blue and green. Although his statistics left a lot to be desired, it was what he did on the final drive that pushes him ahead of Luck. Russell won’t get credit for a comeback victory in the record books, but he should have. He led the Seahawks down the field and, on fourth-and-goal, threw a perfect pass on a slant route to Braylon Edwards for the go-ahead touchdown. Only problem, Edwards dropped it. Wilson put it high and outside, just where he should have thrown it to the 6-foot-3 receiver. There was, obviously, controversy on that final series, with two drive-sustaining pass interference calls and a fourth timeout granted, but you can’t blame Wilson for that. He put his team in a position to win, and that is all you can ask.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Audibles at the Line: Week 1
Rivers McCown: I will stay on the Wilson hype train as long as the Wilson hype train is not "the Seahawks are winning the Super Bowl this year." Sorry, Bill Simmons. I think he can be a productive quarterback this year as long as he is used correctly. I don't think he's going to be RGIII or Andrew Luck right away, and I don't think he's going to be Drew Brees in the long run. But, I could see him maxing out as a upper-class QB ala Ben Roethlisberger or Jay Cutler. Someone of that relative production. (Also, this Arizona defense has a chance to be really friggin good.)

Rams vs. Lions: Breaking Down All 3 Interceptions | Bleacher Report
Even though a late game meltdown kept the Rams from savoring victory, there's plenty of positives to build on heading into this weekend's game against Washington. Most notably, a defense that looked poised and well prepared. As the first half of Sunday's game went on, quarterback Matthew Stafford failed to make any adjustments. St. Louis had him rattled and on the ropes more than once. Blog | Monday in Hawkville: Martin remains in Phoenix hospital "
"We can’t go there," Carroll said. "We can’t play football that way and expect to be as effective as we hope to be here soon. We’ve addressed it and we’ve worked hard at it. These guys have taken it to heart. It’s just terrible that it showed up again, because it’s something that we’re trying to put behind us."

Chalk Talk video: RGIII lights up the Saints | National Football Post
Let’s go back to the Redskins’ 40-32 win over the Saints on Sunday and take a look at some Xs and Os on the chalkboard. Robert Griffin III’s TD pass to Aldrick Robinson vs. Cover 0 blitz-pressure. (no safety help). A smart call from the Redskins inside of the 10-yard line to put stress on the defender’s in coverage with a base "pick-play."

Fitzgerald prefers that the low-profile Cardinals keep their low profile | ProFootballTalk
Though the Giants managed to piece together a four-game winning streak in the postseason, they are merely 4-6 in their last 10 regular-season games.

Scouting report: Seahawks' offensive line must pass sack test | NFL | Latest news and video o...
The Seattle Seahawks, like every team that faces the Cowboys, are going to have to block DeMarcus Ware. But for the Seahawks, the job could be tougher this week.

Cowboys spotlight: Seahawks KR Leon Washington | NFL | Latest news and video on the Dallas Co...
Strengths : Washington recently turned 30, but he doesn't seem to have lost any of his speed. (He has run a 4.42 in the 40.) Washington had 194 total yards against the Arizona Cardinals in the season opener. After a down year last season, he showed he is back to his form of 2010 when he scored on three kickoff returns. Washington is small but explosive. He is a touchdown-waiting-to-happen every time he touches the ball in the return game.