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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Sunday

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Lotta action yesterday, you guys.

Cuts who can Contribute |
Evan Moore, Tight End You ever get the impression coaches don’t want a player to succeed? I can’t speak for how he played in practice, but Moore, as atrocious a run blocker as he is, was always productive catching passes. The four penalties and sack he gave up last year wouldn’t have endeared him to coaches, but in a league where teams are looking to find mismatches at the tight end position, have the Browns let one slip through their fingers? He spent 61.5% of his snaps last year lined up tight, hardly putting him in position to be the Browns’ poor-man’s answer to Jimmy Graham or Aaron Hernandez. Some team will be intrigued by his talents and may just put him in a spot where defenses have to worry about him.

On Seahawks' new tight end, Evan Moore - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Moore stands 6-foot-6. He ran a 4.74-second time in the 40-yard dash at the 2008 NFL scouting combine, weighing 233 pounds. Moore is now listed at 250. "Moore creates mismatches in the passing game with his length, especially in the red zone," Scouts Inc. said as part of its report on him.

Bruce Irvin and Shea McClellin personify the struggles of some rookie pass-rushers | Shutdown Corner
For some collegiate defenders, the move from the NCAA to the NFL is as easy as falling off a log and breaking a quarterback in half on the way down. Quinton Coples, taken 16th overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, finished his first preseason with 4.5 sacks, and the former North Carolina star recently admitted that he's still getting winded as he gets used to the speed of the pro game. Chandler Jones looks like the young pass-rusher Bill Belichick has desired for most of the last decade. Houston's Whitney Mercilus seems to be a natural in Wade Phillips' multiple fronts, and Melvin Ingram -- the man I believe to be the best overall defender in the 2012 draft class -- is already confusing opponents with his are ability to play all over the front for the San Diego Chargers. For other potential pass-rushers, however, the move to a higher rent class isn't so simple. - ILB duo provides rare value for 49ers 'D'
"It’s a really interesting dynamic," a Niners insider said of the league’s best ILB tandem by a wide margin. "Willis is a down-home country boy, and Bowman is from a gang-infested urban area (Washington D.C.), but they both come from extreme poverty and have this real ‘poor guy’s’ attitude. They both think they have to work twice as hard as anybody else, and they are both very study-oriented, especially Willis, who even asks the offense questions to expand his knowledge." - Cardinals' QB situation remains very fluid
"Considering the bad start the team had last year, and that three of the first four games are at home, I don’t think Whisenhunt will wait too long to make a move if he doesn’t like what he’s seeing at quarterback," said one team insider. "They really wanted Kolb to win the job. But John has just been calmer with a lot more poise, and the team just seems to respond to him a little bit better."

Rams could be without Michael Brockers for first month | National Football Post
Defensive tackle suffers high ankle sprain

Playbook: A.J. Green vs. Asante Samuel | National Football Post
Using video to break down the 'Double-Move.'

NFL Cuts: Draft Status Meaningless to Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks Down to 53 | Bleacher Report
Admittedly, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has rubbed plenty of people the wrong way over the last five-to-10 years. Whether it was the way he handled the whole USC debacle or the way he handles the Seahawks, someone is always bound to think he is doing things wrong.

Kellen Winslow's release among Saturday's big moves -
New England made a very interesting acquistion, picking up wide receiver Greg Salas from the Rams in exchange for a late-round pick in 2015. Salas is a slot receiver in the Wes Welker mode and showed promise under Josh McDaniels in St. Louis last year. The move gives the Patriots improved depth and insurance for Welker leaving in 2013. It decreses the chances of Jabar Gaffney returning to the team.

John Skelton Given the Reins as Arizona Cardinals Cut Down to 53 | Bleacher Report
The Cardinals were officially the first NFC West team to announce their slew of cuts, but overall, they were one of the last ones to initially finalize their 53. However, everyone knows the roster will look slightly different next Friday as Arizona puts the finishing touches on the game plan for their home opener against Seattle.

Three things we learned: Seahawks 21, Raiders 3 | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
Seattle went unbeaten in its exhibition schedule, but those aren't the results that are the most important during the NFL's practice games. Here's a look at some of the lessons that really mattered from Thursday's exhibition finale against Oakland.

Three things we're still trying to figure out: Seahawks 21, Raiders 3 | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
Any reason to worry after Russell Wilson's performance? He's a starter after all, and starters barely play in the fourth exhibition game. Oakland's Carson Palmer was on the field for six plays, and he handed off every time for the Raiders on Thursday. Matt Hasselbeck didn't even play in three of his last four exhibition finales while with the Seahawks. But the one question about a rookie quarterback is going to be consistency, especially the way this Seahawks team is built. Wilson isn't in the role that Cam Newton was a year ago in Carolina when everything depended upon him. Wilson needs to play more like Ben Roethlisberger did as a Steelers rookie in 2004 or Joe Flacco in his first season as Ravens starter, which is to say Wilson needs to minimize mistakes to allow Seattle to play to its strengths, which are playing defense and running the football. Seattle doesn't need a boom-or-bust quarterback. They need -- above all else -- for the quarterback to avoid crippling mistakes because this team is built to grind out wins.

Bruce Irvin ends the preseason on a high note - Daily Links Blog -
"It feels good to finally have a little success," a smiling Irvin said afterward before putting his night in the proper perspective. "But it don't count. The stat sheet starts over next week. That's why I wasn't really concerned when people was worried. It don't count, so I've just got to keep working and get ready for the season next week."

Week 1 – wide receiver watch & thoughts on Winslow release " Seahawks Draft Blog
It’s way too early to tell, but this could be Seattle’s greatest need next April depending on how things play out. So it’s worth looking at some of the receivers working under the radar. Jordan Matthews could be the best wide out in the SEC this year and he had a good start against South Carolina. Cordarelle Patterson is new on the scene but eligible for next year’s draft as a JUCO transfer. He made some big plays for Tennessee in week one against NC State.

Russell Wilson is short, Pete Carroll don't care!
The Seahawks selected Russell Wilson in the third round of this year’s draft to skepticism from some national draft pundits. Choosing to trust a scout who makes his living on television is about as misguided as deciding you’re covered religiously because you leave the Trinity Broadcasting Network on when you’re home. Lucky for us there’s no need to trust the talking heads as his issue is one you can clearly see, no matter your expertise.