Instant Overreactions: Seahawks vs Rams


If you want to put this lose on anybody else besides our quarterback, you are a stubborn old fuck. open your eyes and stop lying to yourself. Russell Wilson is a great guy. He's a great story and a wonderful prospect. But get him out of the fucking line up because he is weighing down this team. He is a cinder block chained to the seahawks ankles right now. i don't care if Flynn is the best QB in history or just mediocre. but he is going to be better than Wilson.

But the defense let the rams score 19 points!!!! don't be an asshole. our defense held the rams offense to 0 points. ZERO. if it weren't for an special teams oversight and a kicker who is apparently on steriods, the rams scored 3 or 6 points. The defense is and can not be used as an excuse for this lose (or any of our loses in my opinion).

How about the running game? nope. amazing effort from both of our RB's.

But we had the ball with a chance to win the game!!! I don't care. There is no reason for a team with our defense, running backs, kick returners, tight ends, and at least one or two receivers to be so goddamn mother fucking shit faced useless.

A couple of extra fuck yous:

fuck you giacomini. you're a goddamn brainless thug and you fuck up more than you help.

fuck you bevell. you are permanently on this list.

fuck you fox broadcast team. if i wanted to listen to the ram's hometown broadcast, i would move to st. louis and then promptly get shot in a drive by. your city is a crime infested shit hole.