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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Friday

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Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: Seahawks 2012 Prediction Show With Special Guests!
I welcome three guests to the show that you should know if you follow the Seahawks on Twitter. (Jacson Bevens, Scott Enyeart, and Davis Hsu!!)

Inside the Seahawks' diverse, disruptive defense | The Brewery | The Seattle Times
"I think it's definitely interesting," Sherman said, smiling. "Most teams wouldn't do it like this. They wouldn't put two 6-3 corners out there, or a 6-3 safety who kind of plays like a linebacker, or a 5-10 safety who's almost like another corner in some ways. We're different, though.

Marshawn Lynch speaks, we all listen: "Whatchoosay, bruh?" | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
It has been a while since I've enjoyed transcribing an athlete's quotes as much as I like writing out what Lynch has said. Gary Payton was the same way. He might make a grammarian wince, but man, was it poetic the way it came out of his mouth.

Bevell: Streamlined playbook should help Wilson | Seahawks Insider
"Obviously he doesn’t have the whole playbook at his disposal," Bevell said. "There’s specific things that we’re trying to do this week. So in how we handle them in kind of dialed down a little bit. There’s some little more specific things for him. "I definitely think it helps. He can’t get just any call out of the playbook. Now these are the selected ones that we’ve said we’ve liked to go with. And they’re all plays that he can execute, and all plays that we’ve done at some point somehow during the preseason, because we need to put him in a position to be successful."

Something to prove: Seahawks' Braylon Edwards motivated to counter critics | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
"I think it was perception," he said. "You get bad-mouthed a couple times and people don’t necessarily go out and find out things for themselves. That’s what was great about (coach) Pete Carroll and the Seahawks; they were going to find out for themselves if I was still hurt or if I wasn’t a team guy or if I was a distraction, and so far that hasn’t happened."

Marshawn Lynch feels good, prepares to play for Seahawks | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
"I feel good," Lynch said when asked about his health. "It will be my body’s decision. But I’ve taken the appropriate steps to make sure that I don’t have to do something out of the ordinary to get ready."

Outside the Game: Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson isn’t waiting for his media transition | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Most football players wait until retirement before making their move to the media circus, but Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson decided to use his current status as a respected NFL veteran to bring a series of different takes on the NFL with his "Real Rob Reports," which have become YouTube sensations over the last few years.

And Sweezy makes three
With coach Pete Carroll’s announcement on Wednesday that J.R. Sweezy will start at right guard, the Seahawks will have at least three rookie starters in Sunday’s opener against the Cardinals.

Reading between the lines: Pete Carroll and Kellen Winslow | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
"But it came down at the end of it, as we looked at the whole thing, we fit it together differently. Unfortunately, he couldn't stay with us. It was fortunate that we could find a guy that we really liked in Evan (Moore). I have known him since he was a high-school kid back at Brea Olinda back in the old days, played against him at Stanford, and he happened to be a guy that can really catch the football, 6-6 and a healthy body that's ready to go. So we felt like we could make that exchange and still uphold that catching that we needed right at that position. We wish him the best. "Kellen did a great job in my mind, and if there was a time down the road, that we could get back to him, we would consider doing that. It just didn't work out."

Thiel: On 3rd down, rook Wilson can’t go T-Jack | Seattle Seahawks
"It was most unfortunate to start (2011) with so many brand new young guys," coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday. "Relatively, we’re in much better shape. There’s so much difference — communication, ability to adjust, the handling of different situations and issues. And depth-wise we have guys who can step in."

Are the Seahawks a playoff contender? | - Sports
"The way our defense has been playing, we don't even need our offense," joked running back Marshawn Lynch.

Week 1 predictions: Russell Wilson, Seahawks will top Cardinals -
The Seahawks initially planned to use a 4-4-1 format in splitting first-team reps between incumbent Tarvaris Jackson, high-profile free-agent import Matt Flynn and Wilson, to try and find their starter. But Wilson was so good in his first weekend at work, a rookie minicamp in early May, that Seattle scrapped the original script and decided to go forward with a 3-3-3 format instead.

Are the Seahawks a playoff contender? | - Sports
"I definitely see the start of something good," said linebacker Leroy Hill, who was on NFC West championship teams in each of his first three seasons. "We've got a lot of talent across the board, on offense and defense.

2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: San Diego State vs. Washington | - 2013 NFL Draft
This game was a little closer than it perhaps should have been. Washington came out firing in the first half, but with offensive line struggles in the second half came a stalled offense. This Washington team is ripe with young, raw prospects. See what the 2013 draft and beyond has in store below.

Greg Cosell - ESPN
Greg Cosell and Colin Cowherd discuss the evolution of the QB position in the NFL, Tony Romo, Michael Vick and more.

Logan Thomas (QB, Virginia Tech) vs Georgia Tech " Seahawks Draft Blog
There’s been a lot of negativity about Logan Thomas’ performance against Georgia Tech this week. It wasn’t a great display, far from it. But neither is it worth the collective tutting among certain members of the draft community because he didn’t put up 400 yards and score multiple touchdowns like Geno Smith.

Seahawks notes: Cards QB wary of Earl Thomas - Blog -
All eyes were on Marshawn Lynch during Seahawks practice on sun-drenched fields at the team's headquarters Wednesday. The Seahawks' top rusher wore a baseball cap and continued to rest his bothersome back. Coach Pete Carroll said during his press conference that Lynch's status will become more clear near the end of the week

Carroll, Schneider have built a contender with misfits - Seahawks News -
When the Seahawks take the field Sunday down in the desert of Arizona, they may look like a normal pro football team at first glance. But a closer look should reveal some sort of Billy Bean-like "Money Ball" experiment:

Schefter: No failed physical for Winslow - NFC West Blog - ESPN
We spent part of Wednesday discussing a reported failed physical examination for Kellen Winslow in New England. ESPN's Adam Schefter cites two league sources as saying Winslow never failed a physical with the Patriots.

12thManRising Preaseason NFL Power Poll Rankings - 12th Man Rising - A Seattle Seahawks Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
I realize that the first game was in fact played last night, but because it was played a day earlier than normal, I’m going to give myself a pardon. This season the staff writers of are participating in a weekly power poll. The results will typically be posted before the Thursday night game and reflect rankings based on the previous week’s games. Now, without further ado, I give you the preseason polls.

Lande's weekend matchups to watch | National Football Post
Scouting some of the top prospects in action.

Cowboys-Giants game notes | National Football Post
Let’s run through my game notes from the Cowboys' 24-17 win over the Giants in New York. My take on personnel, scheme plus some Xs and Os to break down.

'Hey Mom, I'm done with my segment!' - NFC West Blog - ESPN
This is ... ESPN colleague John Clayton? Hope you enjoy.

No fantasy: Ryan Williams looking good - NFC West Blog - ESPN
"When he was in the preseason games, you really saw life in those legs, quick movements, scampers up the side," Bell said Thursday. "That is what I was looking for. Did he have the ability to make a guy miss and blow out of there? I saw glimpses. That is encouraging because you only get better."

Reviewing how last year’s breakout teams looked after week 1
The San Francisco 49ers were the breakout team of the 2011 season, going from 6-10 in 2010 to 13-3 last year. The Cincinnati Bengals were the surprise team of the AFC, jumping from four to nine wins and earning a playoff berth. The Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, and Denver Broncos all made the playoffs after notching four more wins in 2011 than they had in 2010. But could you have known after just one week that those teams were on track for such breakout seasons? Let’s review.

In NFL, best QBs, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, lead best teams - Michael Rosenberg -
The NFL season begins tonight with a nationally televised game between defending Super Bowl champion Eli Manning and Super Bowl hopeful Tony Romo. They have teams attached to them, too. But the NFL increasingly feels like a video game where you only control the quarterback. Everybody else runs around, catches passes, makes tackles and gives out bounties, but the quarterbacks decide the game.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Film Room: Packers-Niners
Week 1 gives us what could be a preview of the NFC Championship: Niners at Packers. This game is ripe with storylines, features the NFC’s premier defense against its premier offense, and presents a chess match between two of the best coaching staffs in the league. Let’s break it down.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Andy Benoit Previews the Cardinals
These days, there’s about as much optimism in Arizona as there is rain. Even the Cardinals themselves don’t sound too amped about their chances in 2012. They seem to understand that it’s never good when your quarterback competition carries on through the entire preseason. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt reluctantly made a final decision after the fourth meaningless contest, naming John Skelton the starter. This comes a year after Whisenhunt and general manager Rod Graves traded cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round pick to acquire Kevin Kolb. And that's not even counting the big new contract they had to reward him with.

Aaron Rodgers: Alex Smith is more than a game manager | ProFootballTalk
"I think that term is a condescending term for quarterbacks," Rodgers said, via USA Today.

Week 1 Rankings - Goal Line Stand -
Wednesday's NFL opener marks the 10th anniversary of Rotoworld's weekly Goal Line Stand rankings. For the first time in a decade the ranks will be without the voice of Gregg Rosenthal, who has moved on to run's Around the League coverage.

Arizona Cardinals' LaRod Stephens-Howling 'ready to go' after missing most of preseason
"It was real frustrating, watching your boys play and being on the sideline," Stephens-Howling said. "But I'm good now and ready to go."

The Game Plan: Ranking The NFL Week 1 Matchups -
Football season is back, and SB Nation is here to help you pick and choose which Week 1 games are most worth your time.

NFL Players At Higher Risk Of Death From Alzheimer's, ALS -
A new study published by the American Academy of Neurology found that NFL players face a higher rate of death from neurological diseases.

NFL Picks, Week 1: Completely Accurate Gambling Advice -
Need some advice on how to blow your hard-earned money gambling on football this weekend? Great! We're here to help!

With hindsight, Pete Carroll and John Schneider got it right " Seahawks Draft Blog
Starting a rookie or even a second year quarterback is all about the situation you put them in. It is the most important position, everyone knows that. But having talent at that position alone is rarely enough. The Panthers may get by because of Newton. Indianapolis will probably experience years of success purely because of Andrew Luck, just like they did under Peyton Manning. All those guys were #1 overall pick. The Seahawks have never owned the #1 pick to draft a guy of such quality that alone can define a team.

Packers, Patriots, Giants top NFL season preview power rankings - Don Banks -
Preseason results can be entirely meaningless, but I don't think that's the case with Seattle's 4-0 August. The Seahawks created some good mojo in their favor last month and there will be a carryover effect. Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson makes the offense much more explosive, and Seattle's talented young defense is ready to emerge as one of the best in the league at taking the ball away.