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Seahawks Fantasy Preview, New Field Gulls Video

It's in the eyes.
It's in the eyes.

I'll make this as short and sweet as possible.

The Seahawks, as you may have heard, are playing a "football"(?) game tomorrow against the Arizona Cardinals. It is their first football game of the year and it will have some consequence towards their playoff chances. Additionally, the fantasy football season starts tomorrow for most of us, with the majority of the NFL kicking off between 10 AM and 1 PM Pacific Standard Time.

I have written a fantasy football preview for all 32 teams and just finally finished this afternoon, saving the best for last. Go ahead and feel free to read my preview of how I project the Seahawks to fare in fantasy this season. It's not as cool as the fantasy you had about your English teacher in the 11th grade, but I'll admit it's pretty cool. I will say that I am a conservative fantasy "expert" that tends to stay on the safe side rather than project incredible numbers.

Stay safe, stay calm, play it by the books. Seattle has some interesting, exciting, high-ceiling players on offense, but few are proven. Feel free to throw your anger at me here or in the comment thread of the preview published on I really look forward to hearing what you think.

Finally, I also published a new video on the Field Gulls YouTube page on my excitement for the upcoming game. I'll leave that for you after the jump, I hope you do decide to tune in. It's all good news about the Hawks...

Thanks for reading and watching Field Gulls. Hope you decide to make this your home for the whole year. It's going to be a good one.

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