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Percy Harvin's contract is 6-years, $67 million

Harvin's salary cap hits spread out after 2013.

Larry French

Per PFT, we now have Salary Cap figures for Percy Harvin.

Here is his salary and bonus schedule:

$12M signing bonus

2013 $2.5M base salary (fully guaranteed)
2014 $11.0M base salary (partially guaranteed)
2015 $10.5M base salary
2016 $9.9M base salary
2017 $9.95M base salary
2018 $11.15M base salary

You don't need to worry about 2017 and 2018 - if you believe he will be paid that in those years I have some real estate to sell you. Here are the salary cap implications: even though it is a six-year deal, I believe you can pro-rate the $12M signing bonus over a max of 5 years ($2.4M per year), so, here are the Cap numbers:

2013 $4.9M cap hit
2014 $13.4M cap hit
2015 $12.9M cap hit
2016 $12.3M cap hit (if cut this year would take a $7.2M dead money charge for net save of $5.1M)
2017 $12.35M cap hit
2018 $11.15M cap hit

Obviously, the Seahawks benefit from the low cap hit of $4.9M this year, but will raise $8.5M to $13.4M in 2014 and then decline slightly from that high plateau.