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John Schneider on the Percy Harvin trade/signing, & its implications


DK Note: Glen Peer - a Field Gulls reader that both Davis and I interact with a lot on Twitter, is our go-to when it comes to SIRIUS radio interviews with John Schneider, and will regularly send over transcribed notes on what was discussed. As you may or may not know, JS is pretty good buds (seems like, anyway) with Adam Schein and also with Pat Kirwin and Rich Gannon, so those are the shows he'll come onto frequently. Below, Glen's written out some raw notes about the interviews, conducted yesterday. Some really, really interesting tidbits. Check it out, and HUGE thanks to Glen for taking the time to do this!! Follow Glen on Twitter.


On Schein on Sports

On the negotiation with Percy Harvin:

"This is something we didn't' see coming, we didn't expect to be huge players in Free Agency, but this popped up so it was a different avenue of acquisition. We're all about every avenue to acquire talent."

"Our pro scouting staff did a great job monitoring the situation in Minnesota."

"Rick [Spielman} and I were able to speak on Thursday evening to get permission to talk to Percy's people. This was an interesting deal as we had to work with the club and Percy," to make this happen.

"We weren't in the WR realm at all for free agency, but we thought this was such a unique player that he can help us."

How can he help?

"Doing the exact same thing he was doing with the Vikings, he has a passion for football...[he can play in the] slot, halfback, X (split-end), and Z (flanker)."

"Bevell started the whole moving-him-around thing back in Minnesota, [because] as a rookie they were so impressed with how into it he (Percy) was."

On injuries concerns

"League average for YAC was 4-something, and he was at 8.3 (yards after the catch) I think, so he's going to take shots... in this game anything can happen."

Interesting side note by Schneider: "Kajana Carter was the best college RB I ever scouted" (his point was on injuries-you never know) - "take in as much information and then you got to go with your gut."

More on injuries

"It's such a big investment if we had concerns we'd have had to shy away from it"

Attitude issues=

"Sure we looked in to them...we talked to players, & coaches throughout the league who played with him, against him and you just hear the same thing, he is an incredible competitor, and that's what you love about it. Everybody has their triggers and issues, that's his personality he has such a love and passion for the game, if things aren't going his way he'll speak his mind. I know Coach Carroll has a great atmosphere of being able to speak to him [Carroll] and your position coach and be accountable to your teammates."

On how Pete handles guys with Issues

"No question we can do it. If Pete didn't coach football he'd be a John Maxwell speaker or Tony Robins, the guy is unbelievable. He has an ability to instill confidence in people. He's helped me a ton be able in handling and running a football organization and the confidence to make tough decisions - do your research and stick to your beliefs. So I can see 1st-hand how he effects players. "

[Talked a lot about PC's experience in college, then pros, then college, and going into different types of houses all over the country recruiting kids, allowing PC to reach almost any type of young man.]

On will Percy help Russell

"From a work ethic standpoint, he just sounds like he can't wait to work with Russell... Russell's a great leader, and he's taken it by the horns, I'm not exactly sure but he's getting all the receivers together and going somewhere and working together already. It's his first offseason [and this is what he's doing]."

"I just have so much respect for Russell."

Any reluctance to give up a 1st rd pick?

"No, it was a no brainer to get him." [Same moving up 5 spots analogy (more detailed below), cites Cleveland moving up for Phil Taylor, costing them a 3rd in the same draft.]

On high expectations for next year

"This is a young football team that needs to learn to win on the road. We were better late in the year but we need to be more consistent. Our 1st focus is on the NFC West."

Loved the SF move to go get Boldin..

"SF owns the division right now, they've won it 2 straight years."

What league moves around the league have impressed you

"Honestly I'm focused on what we're negotiation so don't know too much right now, but Cleveland with Desmond Bryant and Paul Kruger are both excellent football players, but we're focused on what we're doing" [Have to think Seahawks were going to be hot on Bryant with that comment].

What's next for you guys?

(Prior to signing Cliff Avril)

"We're trying to help our pass rush, help out the DL, and once that's completed we'll focus on our own guys."

John Abraham a possibility and what would he bring?

"Sure, he is. That veteran ability, that'd help Bruce come along, and Chris coming off an ACL, so he'd be a viable candidate."

Talk to Charles Woodson?

"We were together in Green Bay, and know each other... we shoot texts once in a while, but nothing really shaking right now."

On NFL Radio w/Bruce Miller and Rich Gannon

On Percy's baggage, and giving up that much compensation - how do you take the baggage into account?

"First, to address the compensation the way I view it, and the way the organization views it, is we were picking #25 and if we wanted to move up five spots, it'd cost us a 3rd round pick. If Percy was a player in this year's draft, you could argue he maybe is the 1st pick overall, definitely a top-10 pick so to get a player like this you'd have to give up a lot. Regarding the character aspect, there's guys you form relationships along the way and respect their opinion and take the evaluation on field away and get to what's he like off the field, and how does he work - quite honestly I depend a lot on players I know who've played with guys... you know players know players and how they handle themselves.... you watch the guy play and you know he's all football, he loves to compete, and he loves football you can see it."

"What coach Carroll has done from a culture standpoint, in the locker room and in the building, he's created an open atmosphere of communication, where people see us [Pete and John] work on a professional level but also fun and we have phenomenal support staff around here, so if you have an issue you can come talk to us, talk to your position coach. I think we have an open, fun, caring, team atmosphere and Pete has learned through his experience everywhere and has learned how to deal with the different dynamics."

What's next?

(Prior to Avril signing)

"We've told some of our own guys that we'd like to address our DL, pass rush a little bit and then at that point work on extending some of our own players."

On Special Team duties

"It was very hard to let Leon go yesterday, the human side is hard... Here's a guy who's a great player, he was a Pro Bowler last year, and he's a great guy, but Percy is going to handle kickoffs.

"You want to put your dynamic players in position to accentuate their abilities and that's one thing [KOs] Percy is extremely talented with."

On this drafts depth in 3rd & 4th rounds...they were saying how great he's been in the later rounds...

"Sure, I think the reason we've had success there in the past is because we have a coaching staff who works real well together, and they're willing to work with the guys to compete for a they really feel like the have a shot here. When you have a coach whose willing to work with a guy to accentuate his strengths then that's phenomenal and that's what coach Carroll and his staff are great at. We're able to pick good football players, and they'll put them in positions to get them to their ceilings."

Where can Russell improve the most next year?

"That's a great question. I'd have to say pre-snap reads, and recognizing defenses. The really interesting thing about Percy is he's heard all about Russell and it's really neat because you have a guy now who's like - 'I can't wait to work with this guy because I've heard hard he prepares.' I know you asked about Russell but it kept coming up this weekend, its amazing to think what these guys are going to do."

[Ended joking with the hosts]

"The pro department guys were joking with me yesterday - ‘are we going to get to go across the street to the pub to watch the 1st round this year?'. ..I really don't know what I'm going to do with Pete for all those hours, probably send him to shoot hoops or something."