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Titans release Matt Hasselbeck; Signs with Colts

Scott Cunningham

UPDATE: Matt Hasselbeck has signed with the Colts.

The Tennesee Titans have parted ways with former Seahawks' quarterback and future Seahawks' ring-of-honor member, Matthew Hasselbeck. He prefers Matthew, by the way. For some reason, we all call him Matt. Probably because we feel the need to give him a nickname because he's so darn likable with his quips and self deprecation and orneriness and all that.

Matthew - the 189th overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft - who ranks 4th among active quarterbacks in passing yards (34,517), 5th in touchdowns (201) and first in veterany savvy (6,433), should likely find a new home, and quickly. According to Chris Mortensen, the Cardinals, Bills, Bears, Bengals, Browns, Colts, Saints, Giants, 49ers, and Buccaneers are already interested parties, and that list is likely to grow. (Note, as said above, he's signed with the Colts).

Hass spent two years in Tennesee, leading the Titans to a 9-7 record and close to a Playoffs berth in 2011 before backing up Jake Locker in 2012. He was due north of $5M this year so the Titans are looking to cut cap after signing all the free agents (except the ones that went to Miami and Indianapolis).

Obviously, there's going to be speculation about whether or not Matt would come back to Seattle for a low-price contract to mentor Russell Wilson and serve as the emergency backup after the Seahawks trade Matt Flynn. Speculate about that below, if you like.