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Pete Carroll talks to ProFootballTalk at the NFL Owners' Meetings

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll talked to PFT's Mike Florio at the Annual NFL Owners' Meetings - some interesting stuff on the Percy Harvin trade, the Russell Wilson draft pick, the Richard Sherman media storm, the new helmet crown rule, and more.

Carroll on Wilson - "He's 5-foot-11, you know, and guys didn't think he could play for that reason alone. They weren't willing to take the chance on a guy and we were very, very fortunate to get him. I think that will bear itself out in the years to come, what a great pick it was. We're thrilled to have him on our team."

"We wanted him on our team, even at the second pick. To get to 75, every one of those picks along the way we were fighting through it and as it got down to the last couple it was pretty tense. But it was exciting too and as it turned out it was a great accomplishment for us."