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Matt Flynn trade rumors: Jacksonville, Oakland, Buffalo reportedly interested in Seahawks' backup QB

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Flynn trade rumors are heating back up after laying dorment for the past several months. According to CBSSports' Jason La Canfora, "Several NFL sources have identified Jacksonville as the most likely destination for Seattle backup quarterback Matt Flynn, and the Jaguars are among the teams to talk to the Seahawks about a deal."

Several sources, eh? Talked about a deal, huh? Ok. Well, it would make sense from a logical point of view, in my mind. Jacksonville's new head coach in Gus Bradley has special, in-depth knowledge of Flynn's abilities, practice habits, work ethic, football IQ, and all those little things that are so difficult to project for in draft picks. Here's how I see things, and I'm sure Jacksonville fans have already thought this all out, but, ask yourself: Is Gus Bradley ready stake his head coaching job (and maybe head coaching career) on Geno Smith or Matt Barkley or whoever, or take a better bet with his 2nd overall pick, perhaps an impact defender for the unit he's building on that side of the ball? Is he more likely to hedge his quarterback position bets by bringing in a veteran to compete with Blaine Gabbert, similar to the approach Seattle has taken over the past few years with low-risk, possible-upside moves like Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst?

Studies have shown, and it seems apparently true that if you miss on a first-round quarterback as a head coach/front office, your odds of surviving in that position long-term significantly weaken. Gus Bradley, in my eyes, is a conservative-minded defensive coach and it would seem out of character for him to bet the farm at #2 on such a maligned quarterback class (I know nothing of Jaguars GM David Caldwell, but I'm assuming Gus will have a say in decisions, at least). Public perception is important somewhat too - if picking Geno Smith at #2 is deemed a major reach and the pick doesn't work out, does public pressure and a loss of fan confidence make Shad Khan get cold feet on his commitment to Gus and GM David Caldwell? The pressure to hit with the 2nd overall pick is intense.

Regardless, the Jags could try and wait until pick #33 to find a QB and that'd probably be fine (probably being the key word, and it's a risk to wait), but for the speculated asking price of a 4th or 5th round pick, would Bradley see the value in bringing Flynn in for competition? It seems likely to me. QB is the most important position and that 4th or 5th round pick, plus Flynn's contract, is pretty damn good value for a starter-level player (theoretically) on a team with plenty of cap space. At worst, would Gus see Matt Flynn represent two to three extra wins over a guy like Gabbert or Chad Henne? Those wins matter early in his head-coaching career in establishing a rapport with fans and a confidence from the front-office.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but the connection to Jacksonville just makes too much sense to me. The Bills and Raiders are also reportedly interested as well but those destinations don't seem as likely. Perhaps La Canfora is dot connecting and nothing will come of this, but it's an interesting thought nonetheless.


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