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Matt Flynn trade rumors: Raiders reportedly 'have legitimate interest in acquiring' Flynn


According to Yahoo! Sports' Mike Silver, a source indicates the Raiders 'have legitimate interest' in working out a trade to acquire Seahawks' backup QB Matt Flynn. Silver notes that Flynn "could likely be pried from Seattle for as little as a fourth-round pick." Interestingly, after I wrote all these words yesterday about how Jacksonville does make a lot of sense in the Flynn trade market, Silver also adds that the Jaguars, according to a different source, "have little inclination to try to swing a trade." Love the rumor mill.

Regardless, Silver seems to have a lot of contacts within the Raiders organization so there just may be legs to these rumors (which were also reported by Jason La Canfora of CBSSports). As the Silver article points out though, a lot of this hinges on what Oakland ends up doing with Carson Palmer. Palmer recently rejected a salary reduction that would have seen his pay go from $13M in 2013 to $10M, and it now appears that the former Bengal wants out of Oakland. If the Raiders grant him his apparent wish, that's where Matt Flynn comes in as a viable alternative. Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie was in the Packers front office when Green Bay drafted Flynn and has seen his development first hand. McKenzie likely sees Flynn as an upgrade over Terrelle Pryor.

However, this situation is still very much up in the air right now, and depends greatly upon whether or not Oakland is willing to eat Palmer's $9M or so in dead money in 2013. In addition to that, they'd have to trade at least one of their picks (they only have seven) and take on Flynn's $5.25M salary. The bottom line though, is: quarterback is important.