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Matt Flynn trade talks still ongoing


The Matt Flynn trade has yet to be formally completed or announced, so despite the generally accepted belief that Flynn will head to Oakland, talks remain ongoing. It's entirely possible that former colleagues John Schneider and Reggie McKenzie - respective General Managers of the Seahawks and Raiders - have just decided to take the weekend off to spend time with family, and will re-convene on Monday (do people do that anymore?). Per Jason La Canfora, as of Saturday night:

"To that end, talks between Raiders and Seahawks backup QB Matt Flynn are ongoing. The trade remains very much alive pending contractual closure."

This echoes speculation from PFT's Mike Florio that "The two teams have haggled over draft-pick compensation, with Reggie McKenzie and John Schneider, ... twisting each other's arms to get the best possible deal."

As for the deal's particulars,'s Albert Breer reported on Twitter that the expected compensation to Seattle will be a 2013 draft pick and a conditional 2014 pick, or a 2014 draft pick and a conditional 2015 pick. I'm guessing McKenzie is pushing for the latter package, considering his franchise owns only seven picks in the 2013 draft - the 3rd overall pick, then a 3rd rounder, a 4th rounder, two 6th rounders, and two 7th rounders. Seattle is likely pushing for that 4th round pick but if McKenzie balks at that the Seahawks may be willing to push things out a year to get better compensation than a 6th round pick for Flynn.

Meanwhile, it's already being reported that if/when Carson Palmer is released, the Cardinals will have interest in his services. This also leads to speculation that the Raiders will try to trade Palmer instead of cutting him, but Palmer's $13M contract in 2013 might be a bit of a hangup for a deal.

Stay tuned.