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Seahawks agree with Kam Chancellor on 4-year extension

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Seahawks have signed safety Kam Chancellor to a contract extension that will keep him in Seattle for an additional four years. With Chancellor already under contract in 2013, this means he'll be under team control through the 2017 season.

John Clayon reported on details of the new contract - noting it's worth up to $35M with $17M guaranteed.'s Ian Rapoport is reporting a more reasonable $28 million with 4 year extension, which would mean Kam would average $5.8M per year over the next five seasons. We'll see what the official numbers look like.

The Seahawks have announced a 2PM press conference.

Big numbers regardless for the 25 year old, but with the new deal, Pete Carroll and John Schneider lock up one piece of their excellent secondary and demonstrate a willingness to pay market price to retain one of their young stars. With all the recent acquisitions in free agency, I have to think this sends a pretty powerful message to the team - this front office intends to live up to their pledge to 'reward' their own guys, their organic, draft-created nucleus, with second deals.

Chancellor is the just first piece of the puzzle though, and now Seattle will have to figure out a way to keep Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman down the line as well.

More details and analysis soon.