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Seahawks, NFL Draft news & rumors: Steven Hauschka signed, Dexter Davis released, more


So, apparently some stuff happened when I was in Bali last week (Bali was awesome, by the way), so let's recap. Also, I'll include a few interesting tidbits that you may have missed.

First off, the Seahawks have re-signed K Steven Hauschka and released former 7th round defensive end pick Dexter Davis. Hauschka, a waiver-wire addition prior to the 2011 season, has an 86% field goal percentage with the team (2nd all-time behind Olindo Mare) but has a marked deficiency in real range, meaning the Hawks rarely even attempt field goals from past 50 yards. Hauschka, per Curtis Crabtree, will make the league minimum of $715k if he makes the team (still unreported if any money is guaranteed).

A league minimum contract for a dependable/reliable if not 'safe' kicker puts the Seahawks in a good position to test waters in the Draft or in rookie free agency, and opens the door for a guy like Carson Wiggs to compete for that roster spot. The Seahawks really have done a good job of hedging their bets at nearly every position on their roster, kicker now included.

As for Dex Davis, it's a bit disappointing to see him go after three injury riddled seasons. I once had rather high hopes for him as a rotational pass rusher, but it looks like the Seahawks finally decided to move on. Davis just couldn't stay on the field and the numbers game just didn't really look promising for him this year, with the addition of Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett.


If you missed John Schneider's pre-draft Press Conference, there's definitely a few interesting nuggets to glean. Check it out here:

John Schneider Pre-Draft Press Conference

Also, if you missed the Kam Chancellor new-deal presser from yesterday, here you go:

Kam Chancellor Contract Extension Press Conference


One other tidbit that I found interesting as I've gone back and listened to some interviews from the past week, was something Rob Rang said on the air the other day with Jason Puckett and Ian Furness. It concerned 2012 Draft pick and Seahawks practice squad regular, linebacker Korey Toomer.

Per Rang:

"Everybody I've talked to in that building (the VMAC) is really high on Korey Toomer's upside. It's really hard not to be. He is a phenomenal athlete; obviously, when you're playing at Idaho, there's going to be some level-of-competition questions, but he was drafted by the club and they did think enough about him to bring him back. We did just talk about how there is a little bit of concern [for the Seahawks] at the outside linebacker position - obviously Leroy Hill is not expected to come back, and that might mean that Malcolm Smith is the most likely player to take hold of that position, and obviously the Seahawks could elect to try to find a challenger in the Draft at that position, but at the same time, I think that Korey Toomer's got an outside shot at not only making the club, but perhaps making an impact."

This is an interesting thought and Toomer's a guy that some of us may have forgotten about a bit after he failed to make the team's 53-man roster out of training camp last year. We've seen raw mid- to late-round players make a jump from year-one to year-two in the past with a little NFL coaching and experience, and Toomer might be a guy that could surprise some people and fill a spot that many believe Seattle will target in the Draft: Weakside linebacker. Toomer could also backup at the Sam linebacker spot and with his athleticism, makes a likely contributor on special teams.

It's an interesting thought.

-------'s Dan Shonka on the NFL Draft. Shonka is a great resource on everything Draft (and NFL Depth Charts) as a former Scout for the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, and Kansas City Chiefs. Good listen here:

Likewise, Tony Softli is a former NFL Scout and always provides an interesting perspective. I respect his Draft analysis a lot, and Softli hits on the Rams' upcoming Draft:

Mike Rob with the latest episode of the Real Rob Report. This time, he interviews Roddy White. I guess Mike Rob just likes to go out and interview guys that talk trash to his teammates (specifically Rick Sherman) - first Revis, now White.