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Matt Flynn, Carson Palmer react to respective trades


With a small flurry of quarterback movement over the last week, I thought I'd point out a couple of interviews with Matt Flynn and Carson Palmer. Flynn, obviously, leaves the Seahawks after one season and will get a good shot at starting in Oakland. Palmer, after a season with the Raiders, now gets to face NFC West defenses six times a year. Nonetheless, interesting movement if you're a Seahawks fan.

Check out Flynn's presser in Oakland if you missed it:

Matt Flynn Meets the Media
New Raiders QB Matt Flynn fielded questions from the Bay Area media the day after the team acquired him in a trade with Seattle.


Also, per, Flynn joined The Wheelhouse on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco to discuss his move from the Seahawks to the Raiders, his background, style and influences, his mentality and his lack of starting experience:

On how tough it is to take over when he's only started one season of college football and a pair of games in the NFL:

"I don't look at it that way. I have found a way to develop myself as a player by watching and making the most of every rep that I've gotten, whether it's in practice or whether it's in the game. Definitely there's an experience level that comes with it that you can't gain by being in practice and stuff, but I don't look at it as saying, ‘Wow, this is gonna be a tough job.' ... I look at it as an exciting opportunity that I have to come in here and compete. I get to come in here and compete to be the starter, and what an opportunity that is."

On having to compete for a starting job again:

"I want everything that I get to be earned. I don't wanna be given anything. I love competition; I love doing that whole deal. I really do. I feel like I thrive on it and play better with it."

On being further inspired by what happened to him in Seattle:

"I want that more now. It's lit a hotter fire under my tail, so it's something that I'm gonna give it 100 percent."


As for Carson Palmer, transcribed another interview that was pretty interesting - Palmer joined KTAR in Phoenix with Doug and Wolf to discuss the offense he'll be running in Arizona:

What do you know about Bruce Arians and the offense he plans on running?:

"I know he's aggressive. I know he doesn't want to put together 14-, 18-, 19-play drives and try to beat people that way. He wants to score; he wants to put the ball up and down the field. He wants to score a point per minute of possession. He believes in ball security and stopping the run on defense. He was in Pittsburgh and I played against him a bunch and saw his offenses move the ball up and down the field. ... When you have a chance to step into your throws and do some of the things he's done in the past, protection-wise, you're just giving those playmakers on the outside more and more opportunities to do what they do."

Have you ever had as professional of a receiving core as you will have in Arizona?:

"You know, when you think about that position throughout the league and you think about Larry, Larry's as professional as they come. Larry's a businessman who happens to be a phenomenal football player. He does it year in, year out. ... He gets better each year, and the opportunity to work with a guy like him, he's going to rub off on everybody around him. ... The trickle-down effect you get from a guy like Larry makes average receivers really good and good receivers great. I'm going to learn a lot from Larry."

How concerned are you when it comes to the offensive line in Arizona?:

"I'm not concerned at all. If you look at it, you look at all the injuries, that's a freak thing. When you get that many guys hurt at one position group, that just doesn't happen year after year after year. ... With the coaching they're going to get from the guys we have on this staff, we'll get better at that position just like we'll get better at every position."

Hit up SportsRadioInterviews for the rest of the transcriptions.