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NFL Preseason Schedule released: Seahawks face old AFC West foes, travel to Lambeau


The NFL Preseason schedule for 2013 has been released and the Seahawks will, as per usual, face off against the AFC West, facing former their old divisional foes in the Raiders, Chargers, and Broncos. Seattle will also travel to Lambeau field to take on the Packers in Preseason Primetime because apparently the NFL doesn't want anyone to forget about last season's Monday Night Football debacle.

Preseason Week 1: at San Diego Chargers (woo warm weather!)

Preseason Week 2: vs. Denver Broncos at the CLink (woo Peyton Manning might take a few snaps!)

Preseason Week 3: at Green Bay Packers (wooo storylines and Aaron Rodgers' revenge subplots)

Preseason Week 4: vs. Oakland Raiders at the CLink. (woo Matt Flynn returns!)

For a full schedule of the 2013 NFL Preseason, click here.

If you're curious, Arizona plays Green Bay, Dallas, San Diego and Denver; St. Louis plays Cleveland, Green Bay, Denver, and Baltimore; and San Francisco plays Denver, Kansas City, Minnesota, and San Diego.