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Seahawks 2013 Rookie Mini-Camp Roster


The Seahawks released their 2013 Rookie Mini-Camp Roster this afternoon and I've copy/pasted it into a spreadsheet for you to peruse below. Some interesting names on the list for this year's camp, a mixture of rookie draft picks, UDFA signings, UDFA tryouts, and current Seahawks and free agents still eligible to take part (ie, guys with no accrued seasons in the NFL).

A few notables:

You'll remember that Russell Wilson took nearly every snap last season in the Rookie Mini-Camp, but as he's ineligible to take part, QB Jerrod Johnson, recently signed by Seattle as a free agent, will likely be getting a lot of reps under center. He impressed last year for the Steelers in training camp and preseason, and though he was eventually cut at final roster trimdowns, evidently wowed the Seahawks in a private workout. Armed (huh huh huh) with a new over-the-top throwing motion, it should be interesting to see how Johnson handles the installation of the offense - will he demonstrate leadership qualities, grasp the offense, throw with accuracy and strength, etc.

He'll be joined at QB by Murray State's Casey Brockman and McMurray's Jake Mullin. Our own Jared Stanger identified Brockman as a potential Seahawks' target prior to the draft and mentioned him as one of two quarterbacks he had zeroed in on as a potential 7th round pick (the other was Ryan Aplin).

Per Stanger:

"The first is the QB that led all of FCS in completions per game (32), finished 2nd in completion % (69.4), went 3rd in total passing yards (3729), and added 28 TD (passing) and 7 TD (rushing) with a 144 passer rating and only 10 INT. When I watched him I initially saw a bit of Ben Roethlisberger (not as tall though), and then Matt Erikson (@SeattleDoorMatt) suggested he had some Tony Romo to him (that may be an even more apt comparison).

Romo was an UDFA out of Eastern Illinois in 2003 after posting a line of 3165 yds, 63.4%, 34 TD, 16 INT, and a 148.4 rating. Before you get too upset about a "Tony Romo type", remember we're only talking about a QB to backup Russell Wilson. And Romo would be pretty capable of winning a game or two, if needed."

Casey Brockman:

To get an idea of how Brockman looked versus upper-level competition, I tracked down some tape of Murray State playing Florida State to open the year. FSU is one of the best defenses in all of FBS, and they made Murray State look BAD. But I think Brockman held his own despite an O-Line that couldn't keep him upright, and WR's that couldn't get off the press coverage (Xavier Rhodes is no joke). Brockman's draft projections: draftscout-472, draftsite-UDFA, drafttek-400+. Translation: undrafted.

My guess is that it may come down to Johnson and Brockman for the most reps this weekend - though admittedly I just know nothing about Mullin so he may surprise.

Joining Seahawks' Draft picks Christine Michael and Spencer Ware in the mini-camp backfield will be former USF RB Darrell Scott, who was at one point a highly sought after recruit out of high school. Scott had injuries in college and after a transfer from Colorado to USF, decided to leave school early to go pro. He was subsequently undrafted but spent some time with the Cowboys last year. He's 6'0, 233, right in line with Seattle's 'type' at RB.

Oklahoma's Dominique Whaley and UCLA/Seahawks Practice Squad RB Derrick Coleman will also get tryouts this weekend.

As for receivers: Matt Austin, Phil Bates, Owen Spencer, Justin Veltung, Chris Harper, Gerald Kemp, Arceto Clark, Austin Coleman. In that group, there are several body types - Phil Bates and Chris Harper are the big, physical types, Matt Austin and Gerald Kemp are the ~200 pound mid-range receivers, Owen Spencer is the 'AJ Green' skinny/tall type, and the rest are speedy, undersized slot/return types. The guys I'll be interested in hearing about here are Harper, Austin, and probably Bates.

Darren Fells was released earlier this week but will get another shot at being re-signed with an impressive workout. Obviously, it will be fun to hear reports him, and it will also be fun to see how Luke Willson does, considering there's very little tape on him.

On the defensive side of the ball, one name I recognized was Richmond DT Martin Parker. I wrote about Parker after the 2011 Draft as a possible UDFA target for Seattle, and noted then that at 6'2, 303, he's an athletic (4.92 40) high-motor, quick off the snap 3-tech with an 80 inch wingspan that could come in as versatile depth and has the potential to develop into a starting caliber defensive linemen. Parker was a First Team All American for Richmond his senior year and earned First Team All-Conferance honors each of his four seasons at school. He had 96 tackles, 5.5 sacks in 2010 and 13.5 tackles for a loss. He was also named the MVP of the 2011 East-West Shrine Game with a pair of sacks and a forced fumble.

Jim Noel is an interesting CB/S prospect to keep an eye on, and at LB, John Lotulelei and Craig Wilkens have been getting some buzz as of late.