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John Schneider addresses Bruce Irvin situation, more

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

John Schneider was on SIRIUS this morning with Bruce Murray & Rich Gannon, and friend of the blog Glen Peer provided some notes on the conversation, specifically with reference to Bruce Irvin and the dialogue going around right now that Seattle has a PED problem. Here's the beginning snippet of that interview:

As for the rest, please not that these aren't direct quotes - Glen takes notes through the interview - but instead just convey the essential points.

On Bruce-how disappointed are you? Any thoughts?

[Obviously very disappointed.] "I can't really talk specifics, but Pete and I sat down with Bruce, and addressed it with him. And then Bruce addressed the team."

"This is a good opportunity for someone else to step forward."

He talked a bit about doing more in-house, in terms of education, than the NFL mandates. Mike Sando notes that Schneider said the Seahawks go 'above and beyond' in that area of educating players.

On the number of failures... "does it surprise you?"

"Not surprised, I visit a lot of college campuses, and I hear what's going on there. So, no I'm not surprised."

This is an interesting point by Schneider, bringing up the idea that teams, perhaps, have to deal with more Adderall issues with incoming players than the general public may know of.

How does this affect the 1st month:

"Obviously there's a couple guys - Malcolm Smith, and Mike Morgan are here. Some guys who have cool abilities who we can move around. KJ [Wright] is a guy we can move around. Our two draft choices [Big Jesse Williams & Jordan Hill, I think] have had good camps so we can mix them in, so we have to treat this like [Bruce] sustained a high ankle sprain and adjust like you would to that in season."

Interesting here, of course, that he mentions linebackers in the discussion for 'replacing' Bruce for the first month - Mike Morgan has speed and length at the outside linebacker position, and K.J. Wright is a guy that they've said, for some time, could play LEO in a pinch.

Other notes:

What have you seen from Percy, what has stood out the most?

"The thing that stands out is how dialed in he is with Russell, and how he's jumped on board to get the timing down with him. [They're] throwing all the time out here together. He is just so unique. The versatility just stands out, and his hands, body control-just really unique player."

On the Rookies

"Jesse and Jordan have done a great job, really jumped in and really want to push for time and contribute. Interesting to see the guys from the big programs, they just step right in."

On the 7th rounder's specifically - "how difficult for those guys to make the team"

"Every year is different, so we view it like we're starting fresh; while we did some cool stuff last year there's new opportunities. You saw Pete's philosophy on competing stand out last year with the QB position... so when you're selecting in the 5th, 6th, 7th round or even rookie FA guys look at is ‘hey I'm going to have an opportunity' they know guys like Doug Baldwin was a rookie FA and lead team in receptions two years ago. We have a great teaching staff here, and they [players] know if they take advantage of their learning time they have an opportunity to contribute."

Would you have considered Freeney with the Bruce news, and are you done with Free Agency...

"We are always evaluating what's out there, trades, free agents, who are going to be cap casualties. So we're always working it trying to figure out what's coming down the path."

Last year this time you were excited about QB room and the completion and particularly Russell. How excited are you for this year and the future with him...what's his area for the most improvement for him? [Per Glen: Gannon had a lengthy set up about his leadership, which I think kind of forced JS to forget the 1st part of the question....]

"You hit it, he's always striving to improve. You can't out work him. He took the guys to Cali, set up the trip himself, with Alaska airlines, organized it all on his own and they had a great time. He's out there throwing at practice while the defense is on the field, pulling the rookies out early to throw while the defense is going. So it's just those little things, and his leadership is outstanding - I don't know how else to explain it." [Didn't answer what he needs to improve, or where he sees best opportunity to improve.]

Does he do anything people don't know about?

"I think it's been fairly well documented. He was at the pro bowl, and I guess he was with Drew Brees the whole week... right on his hip. He studies a lot of other QBs, and tried to spend as much time with the other guys there. He's always on that quest for knowledge."

Thoughts on Free Agency-specifically veterans and how its unfolded

"I am surprised to a certain extent. We had the flat cap so it was going to be an odd year. We had a number of guys, Antoine Winfield specifically, who really just reached out to us and really had a passion to be part of this defense. There's guys that are still good football players that don't have jobs right now. The guys who saw what was coming down the road, agents I mean, who educated about the cap got deals early and will go to camp. It's been odd, but you build your models for the future and the guys you have on the team and will get rewarded eventually."


So... a lot of interesting points there by Schneider, from the Bruce Irvin suspension (treating it like a high-ankle sprain) to Percy to Russ. What sticks out to you guys?