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Seahawks Town Hall with Pete Carroll

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

If you missed it last night, Pete Carroll held his annual town hall style meeting with fans, and while they didn't really delve into anything too serious or in-depth, I thought it was pretty interesting.

There were a few things Carroll said that stuck out to me. When he was asked about the running game from last year and whether or not they planed to pass more in 2013, he sort of laughed and proudly proclaimed that the Hawks ran the ball more than any other team in the NFL in 2012 - which was greeted by a few cheers - and he seemed genuinely excited that people were into that. He pretty much quashed the idea that they'd move their offense to a pass-first variety, explaining that a lot of the things they do are dependent on establishing themselves as runners - limiting the pass rush, giving Russell Wilson more time and an ability to drop back deeper, and of course, taking advantage of play-action.

In other words, looks like Seattle will continue to run the ball a ton.

In that vein, when Carroll was asked about the load-share at running back, he talked about Marshawn Lynch and Christine Michael, briefly mentioned Robert Turbin and his excellent rookie season, but then made it a point to bring up Spencer Ware as a guy to watch - noting that in their evaluation, they saw Ware as 'the toughest runner in college football last year' and a guy that just represents the type of punishing, relentless football they want to be known for.

Carroll talked about the PED situation a few times, he talked about some players to watch for, some positional battles, and obviously, he talked about Russell Wilson a good bit. Give it a listen.

Seahawks Town Hall
A full replay of the Seahawks Town Hall as fans got the chance to hear from the coach Pete Carroll and ask him questions.