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Bellevue malls don't like John Moffitt

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I suppose I have to write about this, don't I? I don't know whether to be annoyed and roll my eyes or to laugh because it's kind of funny and absurd, but regardless, the details of John Moffitt's troubles with the man Bellevue Mall Security are starting to leak out. Here's how I understand it, based on all the reports I've seen, with the vast majority of the information coming from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Moffitt was banned from Bellevue Square and all Kemper Freeman properties for a year, starting with an unreported (I guess) something or other that happened on January 21st, 2012. I don't know how you get banned from all of Kemper Freeman's property but some sort of shenanigans were likely involved, and there may or may not be urine involved.

Nonetheless, on June 14th, Mall Security, on John Moffitt high alert, apparently spotted him urinating on or around a car in the Paddy Coyne's parking lot (apparently because Paddy Coyne's doesn't have a bathroom). Security called police, who saw 'two very large males' running toward the Washington Square condos (aka where Golden Tate lives/lived and the building in which the great Tate donut caper went down). According to the PI, "Moffitt allegedly looked directly at one of the pursuing officers, then ran into the building." It's unclear if he gave them a suck-it sign before disappearing into the building or not but that's how I picture it.

At that point, I guess the cops showed pictures of Moffitt to the security guard that had seen the alleged peeing on cars going down, and that security guard positively ID'd the Seahawks' guard. He was later charged with criminal trespass and obstruction, both misdemeanors.

Then, on August 25th, Moffitt was yet again seen by security and arrested for trespassing as he tried to go to the bar at Pearl, in Lincoln Square (still a Kemper Freeman property). He was cuffed and everything after being escorted out of the building.

So, really, there are two separate trespassing incidents (after he was already banned for another third, unreported incident, it seems) but I don't know if Moffitt will be charged with both, or either. He has a court date set for June 14th.

Either way, wow. Good stuff.


For what it's worth - Moffitt responded on twitter to the incident reports, and as they say, there's always two sides to the story. Hopefully, for the team's and Moffitt's sake, the charges are dropped.