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Marshawn Lynch! He's back!

In celebration of Marshawn Lynch's return to voluntary workouts with the team! Sizzler! Blog | Marshawn Lynch makes his presence felt
Lynch generated discussions of a different kind on sports-talk radio last week by his absence when Phase 2 of the Seahawks’ voluntary offseason program began. But he’s back, and his teammates let him hear it when Lynch arrived midway through Monday’s on-field session.

"Guys are going to raze him a little bit," offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said after today’s workout. He then smiled before adding, "When you make a grand entrance like that, they’re going to raze you."

The All-Pro back punctuated each maneuver with a smile. "He just jumped right back in there, didn’t miss a beat," Bevell said. "It’s great to have him out there. It kind of lifts morale. Guys love to see him. He’s a great player and competitor for us, so it’s always good to have him out there."

How is it that I've never seen this video, by the way?


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