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Seahawks' DL Greg Scruggs tears ACL, will likely miss 2013 season

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Seahawks' DT/DE Greg Scruggs recently tore his ACL and now will almost surely miss the entire 2013 NFL Season. Scruggs apparently suffered the injury prior to the Draft and had surgery on it today. According to PF, the procedure was performed by team physician Ed Khalfayan at the Seattle Surgery Center.

Scruggs had bulked up to around 295 or 300 over the offseason and was penciled in on Seattle's now-beefed up defensive line rotation as a likely nickel 3-technique defensive tackle and 5-technique defensive end. The Louisville product is one of the more purely athletic linemen in the entire league, but this injury will set him back at least 6 to 8 months, which, really sucks. You have to feel for the guy - I had thought he was going to be a big factor this year for Seattle.

Nonetheless, Seattle still has some depth on the defensive line with the signing of Tony McDaniel, Cliff Avril, and Michael Bennet, and the additions of Jordan Hill and Jesse Williams in the draft. Clinton McDonald, Brandon Mebane, Red Bryant, Bruce Irvin, Wade Myles and Jaye Howard will have to step up as well and I'd also look to Seattle possibly adding another guy in Scruggs' mold during roster cutdowns in August. Howard in particular is the main guy that I'm going to be looking at to step into that nickel 3-technique DT role now that Scruggs will join Chris Clemons on the PUP or IR to start the year.

Get well soon, Scruggs. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we're going to miss seeing your sack dance this season.