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Seahawks sign Tarvaris Jackson to a one-year deal, per report

Jamie Squire

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Hawks have indeed signed Tarvaris Jackson to a one-year free agent contract. As I said yesterday, the move would make a lot of sense, considering Jackson is respected by Seattle fans and the players for what he was able to do in a tough situation in 2011, and he obviously knows the system/playbook from all his years with Darrell Bevell both in Seattle and Minnesota. This front office obviously likes his toughness and his extremely strong arm, and it would appear Jackson is willing to put a messy 'break-up' from last year behind him - after starting for the team in 2011, he was unceremoniously traded to the Bills for a seventh round pick after Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn leapfrogged him on the depth chart.

Personally, I'm glad to see Jackson back because of his strong familiarity with the offense, his knowledge of the Seahawks' core system, his fit in this scheme, and frankly I'd just be more confident in him starting a game or three in the case Russell gets hurt than I would be about Brady Quinn. Obviously, Jackson will first need to beat out Quinn for the backup role, but from the reports we've heard about how Quinn has performed thus far in camps (not well), that won't be a major hurdle.

Doug Baldwin, who caught 51 passes for 788 yards (15.5YPC) with four touchdowns in 2011, welcomed the idea of bringing Jackson back at the Hawks' mini-camp practice yesterday. Per Eric Williams, Baldwin said:

"He's loved in the locker room because of what he did for us in 2011. He fought through injuries, and was able to put his best foot forward out on the field. And like I said, the guys in the locker room love him. And he's got unbelievable knowledge about the game. So him just being able to be in the locker room and talk to the younger guys - I know he's going to have a lot of insight for Russell (Wilson) because Russell is still growing."