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John Moffitt pleads guilty to disorderly conduct, gets suspended sentence

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks offensive guard John Moffitt was ordered to pay a fine and received a 24-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to one misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

Per Danny O'Neil:

Jon Fox, Moffitt's attorney, said via e-mail that Moffitt had no previous legal incidents and as a result received a deferred sentence. If Moffitt complies with the court's stipultions for two years, the verdict will be changed to not guilty and expunged from Moffitt's record. Fox said Moffitt is happy to have the situation behind him.

Moffitt originally faced two charges - one for criminal trespassing and another for obstruction of a law enforcement officer - following three incidents at downtown Bellevue malls. The first incident was previously unreported and the reason that Moffitt was banned from all Kemper Freeman properties in the first place; why? Apparently mall security saw him peeing on the skybridge connecting Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square. Security at Bellevue Square drafted an order - which he didn't sign - that barred him from Bell Square, Lincoln Square, and Bellevue Place for a year. This was in January 2012.

However, on June 14th, Mall Security, on John Moffitt anti-pissing high alert, apparently spotted him urinating again on or around a car in the Paddy Coyne's parking lot. Security called police, who saw 'two very large males' running toward the Washington Square condos. According to the Seattle PI, "Moffitt allegedly looked directly at one of the pursuing officers, then ran into the building." Per the police report, "the officer alleged he yelled Moffitt's name while in full uniform, in a patrol car with emergency lights flashing. The officer stated that Moffitt looked back, but continued running."

At that point, I guess the cops had the security guard that had seen the alleged peeing on cars going down pick the perp out of a photo array, and that security guard positively ID'd the Seahawks' guard. Then, on August 25th, Moffitt was yet again seen by security and arrested for trespassing as he tried to go to the bar at Pearl, in Lincoln Square (still a Kemper Freeman property). He was cuffed and everything after being escorted out of the building. Moffitt was later charged with criminal trespass and obstruction, both misdemeanors.

Good grief. Well, regardless, here's the important thing, per Danny O'Neil: "It's very unlikely Moffitt would face further discipline from the league regarding the personal-conduct policy." Ok then.