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John Schneider was quietly extended as Seahawks' GM through 2016


Good thing Mike Sando is paying attention. The inimitable ESPN NFC West blogger pointed out this morning that Seahawks GM John Schneider was quietly extended through the 2016 season over a year ago, meaning he'll remain in Seattle for at least four more years, so long as he serves out the length of his deal. Schneider had originally signed for only three years, something I hadn't realized, so his original deal had been due to be up at the end of this past season. Evidently Paul Allen likes what he sees.

Per Sando:

Coach Pete Carroll's five-year deal runs through the 2014 season. GM John Schneider initially signed a three-year deal through 2012. Schneider and the Seahawks quietly extended his contract through 2016. The deal has been done for more than a year, without fanfare. Carroll would seem to be in line for an extension over the next year or so.

So, Carroll is under contract for at least two more years - will likely earn an extension, and Schneider is locked in until 2016. Locking Schneider in is an obvious move by Allen, but it's nice to hear regardless, and it should be interesting to see when Carroll re-ups as well.