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Up for an ESPY: First name Russell, Last Name Wilson


The Seattle Seahawks' precocious little quarterback, Russell Wilson, is up for an ESPY award this year for Best Breakthrough Athlete, facing off against Colin Kaepernick, Johnny Manziel, Yasiel Puig, and Mike Trout. I haven't watched the ESPYs, probably ever, but it would be pretty awesome to have Wilson beat out all the other rookies for breakthrough player, and also Johnny Football, and that 49ers guy who was in his second professional season.

Go ahead and head over to the official site to make your vote:

2013 ESPYS - July 2013 ESPN
The Polls Are Open The nominees are in, your voice is all that stands between nomination and ESPYS legend. Cast your vote now! And remember, check back for the second round of Best Play.

Not really related at all, but all this talk of the ESPYs reminds me of Alec Baldwin's opening monologue for the now-annual NFL Honors Ceremony from last year. Personally, the "one of the Harbaughs will feel the burdon of being the most successful brother in the family, you know what I'm talking about Eli" is my favorite joke. That or maybe the Papa John's quip. What's yours? Oh, and go vote for the ESPYs thing if you haven't already.

Bonus opening monologue: