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Seahawks on hand for OT Michael Bamiro's 'pro day' workout


The Seahawks were on hand for Stony Brook offensive tackle Michael Bamiro's ad hoc 'pro day' yesterday - one of 22 teams that showed up for the event.

Bamiro is a strange case - possibly the first 'draftable' player to skirt the NFL Draft completely after he found out late that he didn't have any more NCAA eligibility and was ineligible for the Supplemental Draft because he wasn't an underclassman.

He's a 6'8, 335 pound right tackle - and as Rob Rang points out, he "did not participate in any timed events but did impress with his athleticism and balance during positional drills. Scouts were also excited by Bamiro's incredibly long arms. Measuring in at 36 1/8," Bamiro would have ranked [fourth] among all players tested at the 2013 combine, behind D.J. Fluker (36 3/4"), Malliciah Goodman (36 3/8") and Rogers Gaines (36 1/4")."

"You can't coach his pure size, his hands, the length of his arms," Stony Brook coach Chuck Priore told Newsday in 2011, Via FOXSPORTS' Mike Garafolo. "He's got his basketball brother's athleticism. This kid is nimble on his feet. I think the world is his oyster, potentially."

Rob Rang shared a quote from Priore as well, and his former coach praised his all-conference right tackle. "He's been a major part of the road to success not only as a player but as a person," said Chuck Priore. "He never missed a practice, never missed a game because of injury. He stands for hard work and toughness, and he's a good person."

Garafolo pointed out that "former NFL offensive lineman Billy Conaty is one of the agents representing Bamiro, who is training with former Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Tra Thomas. 'He's huge. He has hands twice the size of mine, and I'm 6-3,' Conaty said. 'The biggest thing teams love about him is he can bend well. At that size, being able to bend well and redirect is huge. His ceiling is a lot higher than most people's.'"

So, consider me intrigued, especially considering he's simply a free agent. Though he'd likely be a mid-round type of prospect, most teams have exhausted their rookie pool for signing bonuses at this point, so it may come down to guaranteed money. Not sure the Seahawks will bid hard for his services but it's interesting nonetheless.

Shane Hallam of Draft TV provides a scouting report:

"He's a player that I had a fifth or sixth round grade on, and I think that could have been bumped up to a fourth round grade with a great year (next year). You may remember Miguel Maysonet, who was an undrafted free agent that went to the Eagles, running back from Stony Brook, he really ran behind Bamiro. And, when you watch, it's right side, right side, right side, and he's a big guy, 6'8, 335 pounds - he can move pretty well, awesome upper- and lower-body strength, just moving players off of the line of scrimmage, so I think he's a very good developmental right tackle."

Hallam's report echoes what our own Jared Stanger had to say last night on twitter. Stanger noted that Bamiro is intriguing simply in the fact that Maysonet "did have a HUGE year, running for 1964 yards and 21 TD behind Bamiro." After some scouting, Stanger concluded he wouldn't spend more than about 6th round money on him, but we'll see what teams end up doing here.

Scout him yourself here - he's #69 at right tackle.