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Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson headline MMQB launch


Sports Illustrated's Peter King, along with a nice handpicked group of writers, has launched a new football website called MMQB. One of King's featured columnists is our very own Richard Sherman. I must say I hadn't heard about this before this morning, and I'm pretty excited about it.

Sherman's introductory piece talked about his upbringing, his background, his trash talking, and interestingly, his beef with Tom Brady.

Disrespect. That's also what I felt from Tom Brady when the Patriots came to Seattle last season. They were beating us in the second half, and I think it was during a TV timeout when one of our safeties, Earl Thomas, walked over to Tom. Earl had already intercepted him and said something like, "I got one pick, and I should have had two more!" And Brady responded with something like, "Who are you? Come talk to me after we win." He was talking down to us, like we were a bunch of nobodies just there witnessing his greatness.

So after we won, 24-23, I went up to Tom, and he wouldn't talk to me. It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing when I asked him, "You mad, bro? You mad, bro?"

Altogether, Sherman's premiere column is, unsurprisingly, well written and interesting. In it, he points out that he wants to get into the broadcast game after he retires and I'd posit that from hearing him break down Xs and Os on interviews with local radio, he'll make a hell of a commentator/analyst. Either way, check out his article over at MMQB.

Also featured on the MMQB launch is Seahawks' QB Russell Wilson. Peter King interviews Wilson in the embedded video below.